THE LEGENDARY 1979 ORCHESTRA - Gets Deep (includes Big Man Dub) (Front Cover)
LSR 013D
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If you're looking for a bit of variety and a high quality threshold, this EP from the ever-reliable Legendary 1979 Orchestra should be right up your alley. Contrast, for example, the liquid, Afro-tinged deep house smoothness of "Gets Deep", with the slap bass-propelled deep disco of "Amsterdam Zest", or the rubbery Balearic-meets-electrofunk-meets-deep house groove of "Love is Everywhere". Best of all, though, is the Juno exclusive track "Big Man Dub", a delay-laden, organ-sporting chunk of bounciness that boasts a terrific vocal breakdown, subtle synth-strings and some decidedly bold synth riffs. Like the rest of the EP, it's perfectly pitched.

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