THOUGHT BROADCAST - Thought Broadcast (Front Cover)
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Possibly some of the most welcome news this year was the reanimation of Olde English Spelling Bee, which has sputtered back into life with an album from Alice Cohen, and now the debut album proper from Californian producer Thought Broadcast, after a 7" on Phaserprone and a couple of limited cassette-only releases via obscure imprints Gel and Hierodule. The album takes the tape-saturated aesthetics of experimental 80s post-punk and uses that as a filter for all manner of radiophonic alchemy. Though rhythm plays a part (as demonstrated on the death march clatter of opener "Consumer Blackmail") they are for the most part smothered with layers of flaking paint, with arcane drones at the fore, such as the modem squeal present in "Mad Tea Party"and "Stylite". With an approach to sound that lies somewhere between dusty library tones and the industrial tones of Bristolian knob-twiddler Ekoplekz, this comes highly recommended.

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