VANCE & SUZANNE/JOHNNY ADAMS/ELECTRIC SMOKE - Reekin'Structions by The Revenge (Album Sampler Part Three) (Front Cover)
ZEDD 12143
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The most noteworthy thing about this third sampler for Graeme Clark's first official album of Revenge reworks is the presence of a previously unreleased, frankly excellent dub. Alongside his ace, disco/house rub of Vance & Suzanne's "I Can't Get Along Without You" is a brand new Dub, which takes the cut further towards loopy, hypnotic house territory. Also worthy of note are the Johnny Adams and Electric Smoke edits. The latter offers a super-deep version of original boogie cut "Freak It Out" - tweaked, teased and EQ'd for contemporary dancefloors - whilst the former is a fairly faithful disco-funk rework that bristles with heavyweight horns and slick guitars.

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