VIRUS SYNDICATE/TOP BILLIN - Poppin Bottles (Front Cover)
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Top Billin deliver the goods yet again with this absolute smash on their own imprint, featuring vocals from Virus Syndicate. The original mix is pretty much the perfect combination of UK funky and electro house, featuring a satisfyingly heavy bassline, a bit of funky swing in the snappy rhythm and some of the best flow from Virus Syndicate to date. Say Wut's remix takes a lighter approach than the original, taking away the huge bassline, and pushing things in a funky direction, with the jangling percussion and hollow synth melody providing just as effective a backdrop to the vocals as the massive original, whilst Killahurtz's remix provides an impressive big room reworking which sees Top Billin's original and raises it with its abrasive bassline. Despite these huge remixes on offer, Top Billin should be applauded for capping the collection off with a remix from juke heroes DJ Rashad and DJ Earl which pushes the tempo up to 150bpm without breaking a sweat, offering a machinegun MPC workout that is perhaps the highlight of the EP.

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