VOIDLOSS - One Breath Dispels The Limits Of The Earth (Front Cover)
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If you were to somehow find yourself being hunted deep within a Congolese jungle, Voidloss' One Breath Dispels The Limits Of Earth EP would soundtrack your escape from the heart of darkness. The footage attached to the "Diaphanous Fever Of Dreams" montage would be the preparation for battle - eyes blackened, red headband and camouflaged upper torso primed for a stealthy face off with an invisible enemy - if it bleeds we can kill it. Armed with only a USMC combat knife and commando senses, "Scar Glamour" plays to the flickering silhouettes that dance above. The Fifth Book" meanwhile soundtracks a ritualistic shadow game as you become one with the jungle and the tortured screams of your former team come in the form of "Rain Down On The Soul" before you extract bloody vengeance in an epic human vs predator showdown!

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