VOLTE FACE - All Grown Up (Front Cover)
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Volte-Face debuted earlier this year with the Charlatan EP, a quietly impressive collection of techno cuts that somewhere between the distorted intensity of L.I.E.S dancefloor output, and the more atmospheric, European-sounding end of the spectrum. Following the debut of his Dan Avery collaboration Rote, Volte-Face is back on the solo tip for this third BleeD offering. While opener "Ill Feted" and "Chain Of Command" are hypnotic and woozy, "The Power of Christ Compels You", is a deliciously ragged, bouncy, retro-futurist techno treat. Then there's the case of "All Grown Up", a dark and trippy ambient cut that's amongst the EP's most powerful moments. Arguably best of all, though is DJ Spider's thrillingly banging, in-your-face rework of "Chariots of Ire", which will make you simultaneously dance and soil your under garments.

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