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Cat: MOD 039
Genre: Techno
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Developer's label drops a monster 18-track compilation that showcases a diverse range of modern techno styles. There's the drum-heavy loops of CNCPT's "New Science & Telekinesis Facility 10" and the buzzing, percussive grooves that define the contributions from Emitto Audio's "Mars Radiation Terminal 20" and Insolate's "Cern Research Center 35". Taking the compilation to a bleaker place is the eerie, oppressive mood on Patrik Carrera's "Mars Radiation Terminal 25", but there are also more esoteric contributions such as the hypnotic tones of Ryogo Yamamori's "Center For Cyborg Data & Control 75". If you are looking for a view of where dance floor techno is headed, WAV1095 offers a ringside seat.

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