XAMIGA - Unsolved Universe (Front Cover)
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Unsolved Universe marks the debut release of Xamiga, though you should by now be fully familiar with Legowelt and Xosar, the duo behind this project. The feverishly productive pair have been appearing together both on record and live for the best part of a year now, most memorably on the tongue in cheek project Trackman Lafonte and Bonquiqui that has transmitted releases on Creme Organization and L.I.E.S. Xamiga is a concurrent project to those aforementioned surfer house endeavours which has been bubbling away on Soundcloud for the past 12 months and appears to focus more on further exploring the Ghost House aesthetic that runs through Xosar's solo productions. This three track release is described quite aptly by Rush Hour as "music to jack to loudly while closing your eyes softly" and is rumoured to be the first of several Xamiga releases forthcoming on the Amsterdam operation. The title track is a favourite of the Juno office, an endlessly charming paean to floating outer galactic house, but all three tracks are a powerful statement from Xamiga.

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