Promote your label / releases

Use the tools on this page to enhance your promotional campaign and increase sales of your releases.

Where to promote?

Social networks, websites / blogs, Soundcloud, YouTube, newsletters and more. Whether you're a label or artist, linking to Juno Download through all the channels available to you is a great way to let your fans know where to get your releases and increase sales.

Websites / blogs
Always link your releases to Juno Download using our quick and easy buy and alert buttons or links. You can find more information about these below. Keep an active and up to day website to stay in regular contact with your fans and profile your music to a wider audience.

Social networks
Whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, each channel is a great way to engage your fans and increase sales. Social networks still play an important role in promoting music and each can present a unique perspective of your label / profile.

Email newsletters are still one of the most effective forms of direct marketing. Use your email lists to promote forthcoming releases, and new releases to keep your subscribers up to date with what you are releases.

Smart URLs
If you use smart URLs, make sure to add in your Juno Download release links so your fans can easily find it. You may find more information on how to add your release links here: Linkfire / Feature FM.

Promote your label / artist pages on your social networks

When promoting your release, label or artist page on Juno Download, don't forget to tag @junodownload and #junodownload in your posts so we can share and retweet.

You may now send us a request to update your artist/label page with a profile image and bio to help your fans learn more about you and your music when viewing your digital releases. This is done by filling in our profile form.

We are on the following channels...

You can add a buy button to your tracks and playlists by going to the edit page through the pencil icon below the waveform. In the edit page, go to the 'Metadata' tab and add your Juno Download artist, label or release page for listeners to purchase your release / releases.

If you are a pro user, you can also customise the text used for the 'Buy button' on the edit page in the 'Buy link title' section to 'Buy at Juno'.

Make sure you also add this buy link in the first line of you track description, and drop a link to the release in the timed comments of the upload so it won't be missed!

Soundcloud Soundcloud

YouTube is another great channel for new fans to discover your music. Make sure you add a link to your release at the top of the description section to maximise visibility and clicks.

We've found a clear 'Buy at Juno: [insert URL]' works well.

YouTube YouTube

Banners for your website

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Alert banners

Keep your fans updated with every new release on your label by inviting them to set up Juno Download alerts. Subscribers receive an automatic email with a buy link every time you have a new release available on Juno Download.

Copy and paste this HTML onto your website / blog where you would like this alert banner to appear.

Buy banners

Add one of these banners to link to all your releases on Juno Download.

Copy and paste this HTML onto your website / blog where you would like this buy banner to appear.

Get our new release alerts at Juno Download
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Buy our releases at Juno Download
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Juno Player

Embedded player

Use the embedded player to let people listen to your releases on your website / blog. To create an embedded player, go to the release page and click on the share button at the bottom of the player.

DJ charts

Ask your artists to create DJ Charts.

Create charts instantly to increase your profile and increase sales of your releases. Artists can create instant DJ charts on Juno Download which then have the opportunity to feature prominently across the site. The charts are among the most popular pages on Juno Download, and sales of releases increase the more they are featured which are great exposure.

To build a chart, simply click on the next to the track title, then follow the simple instructions on the chart editor page.

Create a DJ chart here now
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