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Sounds Of Fullmoon (Sample Pack WAV)
Over 1 GB of psy effects, basslines, triplet grooves, synths, ambiences, FX, percussion and even vocals inspired by Fullmoon, Boom, Ozora and many more
23 Jul 14
Ableton Live Project: Supernova (Sample Pack Ableton)
A Psytrance Ableton Live project with included stems formatted for Ableton Live 8
14 Oct 13
Progressive Psytrance Vol 1 (Sample Pack Ableton)
A Psytrance Ableton Live project with included a mix of audio & MIDI formatted for Ableton Live 8
07 Nov 13
PsyderMind (Sample Pack Ableton)
Futuristic and danceable psytrance sounds
25 Jun 14
Essential Trance Sounds For Spire (Sample Pack Sysex Patches)
First edition in this series with 75 top-quality presets for Spire
10 Feb 15
Psy Trance Reflexion (sample Pack WAV/AIFF/REX)
Psy trance is the genre here with drums, fx, synth hits, pads & drum hits all at 146BPM in wav, aiff & rex2 formats
BC 0112
27 Aug 11
Psychedelic Chill Out (Sample Pack WAV)
Chill out hypnotica & blissed out beats are all to be found in this versatile pack
01 Feb 16
Cerebral Ambient Glitch (Sample Pack WAV/SFZ)
The most unique feature of this pack is that all loops are at 80bpm & all sounds & one-shots are tunedto F or Fminor
28 Jan 16
Psy Trance Energy (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Bass loops, synth arps, thick kick drums, fx hits & riser sweeps, top loops, hats & claps, deep & modulated impacts and more for Psy Trance tracks
08 Apr 14
Psy Trance Explorations (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Psy Trance loops & one shot including sequences, basses, riffs & fx in wav & apple loops formats totalling 1GB in all
15 Aug 11
Psy Trance MIDI Loops (Sample Pack MIDI)
Royalty free midi files and loops including 30 midi melodies, 30 midi arpeggios, 30 midi synth riffs, 30 midi basslines, 19 wav percussion loops and 30 kick drums.
11 Sep 11
Psy Trance Explorations 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
200 top quality loops & 81 one-shots, including synth loops, bass lines, drum loops, & fx from 140-145bpm totalling 1GB of royalty free content
08 Jan 12
Trance Overload (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/REX2)
1.5 GB of trance loops & samples featuring construction kits, no kick loops, synth loops, fx, pads, strings, sequences & drum loops at 140bpm in wav, apple loops & rex2 format
12 Apr 11
Total MIDI: Psy Trance (Sample Pack MIDI)
Equinox Sounds' best MIDI collections for creating psychedelic trance, psy-tech, progressive psy & dark psytrance
28 Jun 17
Psy Trance MIDI (Sample Pack MIDI)
50 stunning & hypnotic melodies in MIDI format for producing psychadelic trance
29 Jan 16
Psy Trance Explorations 3 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/APPLE/SYSEX)
The third volume of Psy Trance sounds includes synths, basses & drums in wav & apple loops formats totalling 464MB in all with tempos ranging from 138-145BPM & featuring patches for Sylenth 1 VST
23 Apr 12
MIDI & One Shots: Classic & Ambient Trance (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
30 MIDI loops featuring synthesizer riffs & melodies plus 206 drum one-shot samples, 63 FX samples and 35 multi-sampled stereo synthesizer pads & strings
23 Jun 14
Real Trance MIDI Kits Vol 1 (Sample Pack MIDI)
Uplifting trance construction kits in MIDI format plus 40 MIDI riffs & arpeggios
06 Jan 15
Psy Trance Power Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
second of the series with five hypnotic construction kits for creating psychedelic trance featuring synth loops, basslines, FX hits, snares, claps, kicks, hats, intro pads and more
28 Oct 14
Real Trance MIDI Kits Vol 2 (Sample Pack MIDI)
Five deep & uplifting MIDI construction kits & 40 MIDI riffs & arpeggios inspired by artsits such as such as Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, & many more
20 Jan 15
Psy Trance Power Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Five hypnotic construction kits for creating psychedelic trance featuring synth loops, basslines, FX hits, snares, claps, kicks, hats, intro pads and more
28 Aug 14
One-Shot Series: Psy Trance FX (Sample Pack WAV)
100 mind altering Psy Trance FX samples featuring sweeps, lasers, down FX, explosions bassdrums, downfilters and more
09 Sep 14
Melodic Trance Energy 5 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Melodic Trance Energy 5 , the fifth installment in this series of five Construction Kits that are a blend of melodic Trance and euphoric sounds. The Kits included range from utter melodic heaven through to driving, synth heavy power packed loops
20 Mar 17
Psy Trance MIDI Basslines 2 (Sample Pack MIDI)
30 stunning and hypnotic MIDI basslines for producing psychedelic trance
22 Jul 16
Psy Trance Power Vol 3 (Sample Pack MIDI/WAV)
Third of the series with five hypnotic construction kits for creating psychedelic trance featuring synth loops, basslines, FX hits, snares, claps, kicks, hats, intro pads and more
13 Jan 15
Dark Psytrance MIDI Loops 2 (Sample Pack MIDI)
38 MIDI loops for producing dark and fast psytrance tracks featuring lead melodies, arpeggios, sequences and basslines
16 May 16
Melodic Trance Energy 3 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Third installment in this series of five Construction Kits that are a blend of melodic Trance and euphoric sounds
29 Sep 16
Psy Trance MIDI Kits (Sample Pack MIDI)
Five hypnotic construction kits in MIDI format for creating psychedelic trance
08 May 17
Progressive Psy MIDI Loops (Sample Pack MIDI)
Progressive Psy MIDI Loops from Equinox Sounds includes 30 loops in MIDI format featuring Lead Melodies, Arpeggios, Basslines and more for producing Progressive Psy
01 Mar 17
PSYCHO Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
545MB of psy trance loops at 142bpm featuring basslines, synthlines, effects, one-shots & extra loops
18 May 12
PSYCHO Sylenth1 Soundset (Sample Pack Sylenth1 Presets/MIDI)
50 Sylenth1 presets with 20 bass line & 20 synth line midi files including sound bank & separate presets
23 May 12
Twisted Reaction Sample Pack Vol 4 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Fourth in the series of samples for pay trance producers including 200 loops with bass lines, synth lines, fx as well as a set of 30 added MIDI files
19 Jun 12
Twisted Reaction Psy-Trance Project For Cubase (Sample Pack)
A psytrance project ready for use in cubase 5 allowing you to learn how to mix & arrange your own track
23 Dec 11
Progressions Vol 1: Trance Project For Cubase (Sample Pack)
Progressions volume one from function loops contains a tech-trance progressive/psy-trance project for Cubase 5.0. including all midi & audio parts (requires Cubase 5.0)
23 Dec 11
PSYCHO (Sample Pack WAV)
500 MB of special effects, twisted riffs, distorted arps, flying pads and rolling bass lines. 179 files in total
09 Feb 12
PSYCHO Sylenth1 Soundset Vol 2 (Sample Pack Sylenth1 Presets/MIDI)
Second in the series of sylenth presets with 10 bass presets, soundbank & separate presets, 55 synth presets (leads, arps & synths), 15 bonus midi loops.
31 Aug 12
Psytrance Mega FX (Sample Pack WAV)
Blend of analogue & digital sound design with 100 key-labelled effects
08 Feb 16
PSYCHO Sylenth1 Soundset Vol 3 (Sample Pack Sylenth1 Soundset/MIDI)
Third in the series of sylenth presets with 51 psy-trance bass presets for Sylenth1 VSTi plus 8 MIDI files
26 Dec 12
Psy-Trance Kicks & Percussion (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
50 kick loops, 48 percussion loops plus bonus FX, one-shots, MIDI files & extra material for all psy-trance styles
21 Oct 12
PSYCHO Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
400MB of psy-trance loops & samples including bonus MIDI files
07 Jan 13
Essential Trance Percussion & FX (Sample Pack WAV)
160 trance & psy-trance ingredients including percussion, snare, clap, hi-hat and crash loops plus a folder of FX
26 Jul 14
Spirit Progressive Trance & Psy (Sample Pack WAV)
Packed with 450MB of content, this pack is a tool-box designed to help you achieve the true sound of trance
03 Jun 14
Interstellar Psytrance (Sample Pack MIDI/WAV)
Ready to leave planet earth and travel to outer space? With Interstellar Psytrance you will. By bringing a new producer to their production team, Function Loops delivers a slightly different colour of sound to their Psytrance catalogue.
16 Nov 17
In Trance We Trust (Sample Pack WAV)
Over 350 MB of super sonic sounds inspired by the top psytrance festivals
04 Dec 14
Progressive Psy Academy  (Sample Pack WAV/Sysex Patches)
33 Basslines, 30 Percussion Drum Loops, 101 Analogue & Digital Synths, 46 FX Loops, 15 Extra Kick Shots and 1 bonus Soundbank for Sylenth1 (30 Presets)
27 Feb 15
Psytrance Rave-O-Lution For Spire (Sample Pack Sysex Patches)
Soundbank with arps, sequences, leads, pads & bass presets to produce psytrance
12 May 15
Technology For Massive (Sample Pack Sysex Patches)
Collection of NI Massive presets designed towards techno, but also perfect for progressive-psy & psy-trance with 79 dancefloor rocking sequences
23 Jan 15
Sound Of BOOM! (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Psy-Trance sample pack inspired by the sound of BOOM Festival including basslines, synths, FX, vocals, kicks & MIDI files
25 Sep 13
Progressive Psy FX (Sample Pack WAV)
200 sounds (100 normal & 100 reversed), all key-labelled for ease of use, recorded at 140BPM,
02 Nov 15
Psychedelic Trance Synths 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Psychedelic Trance Synths 2 brings you 100 key-labelled Psy Trance synth loops designed to fill those tiny, missing gaps in your tracks
26 Sep 16
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