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Laid-back 'n Groovy Guitars (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
This pack features 376 live guitar loops, 144 guitar one-shots and 142 lap steel one-shots, drawing on influences from psych, jazz, funk and soul and inspired by artists such as Khruangbin, Goat, Fela Kuti and Herbie Hancock
11 Mar 22
Trap Metal (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Dive headfirst into the gritty, chaotic realm of a cutting-edge sample pack that pushes the boundaries of contemporary music production
25 Jan 24
Stomping Ground - Anthemic Rock (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of fifteen hard-rocking loop kits skillfully played, professionally recorded and packed full of hard-driving guitar riffs, slick leads, driving bass and stomping drums galore
16 Dec 22
Trailer Pop - Six String (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of 65 rich and expressive guitar loops
23 Jan 23
Spirits: Post Rock (Sample Pack WAV)
Break down the walls of rock with this collection of loops and one-shots that draws influence from the moodier elements of rock music
30 Apr 21
Waiting Line - Alternative Rock (Sample Pack WAV)
A fresh collection of loops & one-shots that explore a selection of hazy rock sonics that bring together a mix of alternative musical styles, including shoegaze, metal, progressive and lo-fi rock music
11 Feb 22
Quedate Conmigo - Post Pop (Sample Pack WAV)
Shoegaze and dreamy ambient rock vibes mixed in with early 2010s dream pop sounds
22 Jul 22
5Mentarios - New Wave (Sample Pack WAV)
The perfect solution for any producer looking to add a raw, gritty edge to their productions
17 Feb 23
Far Horizon - Folk-Pop & Country (Sample Pack WAV)
Kick back, unwind and enjoy ten rustic folk and country loop kits
06 Oct 23
Rock: Multitrack Drum Loops (Sample Pack WAV)
945 acoustic rock drum loops distilled into 153 construction kits in wav format totalling 2.4GB of content between 72-144BPM
BC 0149
26 Jan 12
Post Guitar Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Another beautiful pack of electro guitar samples
28 Oct 19
Apocalyptic Ambient Guitar Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Another beautiful pack of electro acoustic guitar samples with huge emotion, feelings and warm sounds with a melancholy atmosphere
03 Jul 20
Post Guitar Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Another kit for lovers of live guitar music with a lot of warm guitar sounds with a melancholy atmosphere
12 May 20
Apocalyptic Ambient Guitar (Sample Pack WAV)
The atmosphere of empty cities, abandoned places, darkness, anxiety and loneliness...
29 May 20
Midtempo Samples I (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
A genre bending pack that takes the best elements of electronic, hip hop and rock music to create a unique sound that's both hard-hitting and danceable
17 Mar 23
Dubstep Metal Guitars (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
60 dark & deadly guitar loops in WAV & Rex2 formats at tempos of 90, 110, 140 & 150 BPM
02 Apr 13
Stoner Rock (Sample Pack WAV)
A dynamic collection of audio gems that boldly push the boundaries of sound
22 Mar 24
American Road Trip (Sample Pack WAV)
Sample collection packed with country and rock music delights
12 Apr 21
Acoustic Blues (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of samples crafted to ignite the deepest blues within your compositions at a tempo range of 90 to 100 BPM
04 Jan 24
Frontline Americana: Guitar Licks And Riffs (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
711MB of guitar sounds in this collection of rock & blues Americana clocked at 80-130BPM with both acoustic & electric guitar loops
15 Nov 11
Groove Metal (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
An anarchic collection of the heaviest metal loops and sounds in town
19 Jan 18
Americana Guitar Licks & Riffs 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
An inspiring collection of Americana guitars designed to slide sweetly into the mix
02 Feb 18
Funk Rock Guitars (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Funked-up guitar riffs, shreds and licks encompassing the sound of bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Saw Doctors and Rage Against The Machine
30 Nov 15
Pentatonic Blues Guitars (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
A fusion style package of beautifully played guitar riffs and licks in a blues style, but with a notable world influence
11 May 19
Bayou Blues (Sample Pack WAV)
The murky blues sounds of the southern states of the USA
28 Jan 22
Vintage Electric Piano (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
An authentic foray into classic electric piano sounds, brought to the 21st century with genius production techniques and top of the range hardware
19 Oct 18
Hard Rock Guitars (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
A steadily rocking collection of moody electric guitar samples that have been recorded solely to inspire a timeless vibe in your hard rock jams
06 Sep 19
Lead Blues Guitars (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
A moody collection of maximum quality guitar lead parts
13 Sep 19
Stoner & Garage Rock (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE/REASON)
Heavily driven collection of hard rock music parts that can be used to craft and reinforce your own groove-laden, riff-filled and harshly distorted jams
01 May 20
Let There Be Drums (Sample Pack WAV)
A sizable collection of Mark Fletcher's drum excursions in a rock music style
27 Jul 21
Funkadelic (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection that is perfect for funk, rock, world music and any other live instrumental genres that could benefit from some experimental and psychedelic vibes!
03 Dec 21
Blue Suede Grooves (Sample Pack WAV)
Collection of live drum loops and fills with all the swagger of blues music straight from the southern states of the USA
11 Mar 22
Cinematic Six String (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of diverse guitar tones and riffs designed to be layered together or used individually
13 Jun 22
Indie Rock (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
A formidable collection of royalty free samples for recreating the sounds of The Killers, The Strokes, The Coral, Ash, Oasis, Coldplay, Foals and many more iconic bands
22 Mar 16
Essential Instrumental (Sample Pack WAV)
An array of musical elements, including electric guitars, bass guitars, synth bass, upright bass, cellos, violins, violas and string ensembles
01 Feb 24
Funk Rock Sessions (Sample Pack WAV)
A vibrant collection blending funky sensibility with a generous dose of rock influence
06 Oct 23
High Fusion Indie Rock (Sample Pack WAV)
A livewire mix of guitars, drum and bass plus supporting elements designed to recreate the dynamics of classic bands across the spectrum of rock, from Arctic Monkeys to Sonic Youth, Pixies to Oasis
06 Feb 23
Analog Indie Rock (Sample Pack WAV)
A fusion of electronica, cinematic sounds and alternative rock with vintage drum machines, live recorded guitars and analog synths
22 Jan 21
Holographic Guitar (Sample Pack WAV)
Electric, acoustic and bass guitar loops to project a fabulous guitar sound to any musical project you work on
26 Mar 21
Downfall - Pop Punk Samples (Sample Pack WAV)
Pack inspired by the sounds of Machine Gun Kelly, LilHuddy, jxdn, Lil Lotus, KennyHoopla and Mod Sun
28 Jan 22
Drums 4 U (Sample Pack WAV)
You no longer have to waste hours searching for the right drum sounds for your projects, because they're all right here!
01 Jul 22
The Blues Sessions - Vocals (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
Authentic collection of loops & samples from the blues genre including harmonica, guitars, drums, basses & vocals in 576MB of content
13 Jun 12
The Blues Sessions - Drums (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
Authentic blues samples & multi layered sample patches including drum, kicks, snares, percussion loops & more
13 Jun 12
The Blues Sessions - Harp & Keys (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
Authentic blues samples & multi layered sample patches including harmonica, hammond, rhodes & extra vintage keys loops
13 Jun 12
The Blues Sessions - Guitars & Bass (Sample Pack WAV)
Authentic blues samples & performances captured using vintage equipment totalling over 2GB of content including acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass & double bass loops with individual bass hits & patches for your soft sampler of choice
13 Jun 12
Vibes 21 - 60s Psychedelia 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
This collection is inspired by the groundbreaking sounds of iconic acts such as the Yardbirds, Steppenwolf and The Beatles, as well as more contemporary psychedelic pioneers like The Chemical Brothers and Tame Impala
09 Feb 24
Nu Gaze (Sample Pack WAV)
This pack expertly merges classic rock influences with state of the art production techniques to produce a sound that is reminiscent of the early 90s British indie rock
15 May 23
Indie Dance & Nu Electro (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Indie Dance and Nu Electro is a fresh palette of Nu Skool sounds & samples including synths, drum loops, bass lines, one shot bass tones, drum single shots & fx with 53 soft sampler patches
04 Apr 10
VIBES 14: Bluegrass (Sample Pack WAV)
All the key elements of American roots music to deliver you a contemporary take on one of the longest lived genres in the country music umbrella
23 Jan 21
VIBES 9: West Coast Grunge (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Collection of grunge sounds featuring elements of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Green River, Tad and Nirvana
15 Mar 19
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