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Long Stories
One Shy Morning - (3:40) 80 BPM
Full Panther - (3:23) 110 BPM
Sounds Like Moths - (3:50) 65 BPM
Red Moon - (4:26) 78 BPM
Clear For Blue - (4:18) 74 BPM
Long Stories - (3:31) 68 BPM
Dust For A Duster - (3:07) 60 BPM
Brushed Aluminium Reeds - (5:07) 76 BPM
Atkinson Sky - (4:15) 80 BPM
Feed - (3:09) 70 BPM
Review: Earlier this year, Amon Tobin returned to action after a lengthy hiatus with "Fear In A Handful of Dust", his first album in seven years. He clearly used his time out of the limelight wisely, because he's already offered up a speedy sequel. "Long Stories" is picturesque and cinematic, moving between gentle ambient numbers, atmospheric soundtrack-style compositions, occasionally trip-hop style beat cuts and subtly experimental electronic soundscapes. It's largely melody-driven, with synthesized and "real" instruments (guitar, drums, strings) combining to conjure evocative moods and emotive musical movements. It's a far more mature set than his hard-wired early work, but then Tobin is now an elder statesman of electronica so it should be expected.
NO 3
25 Oct 19
from $1.49


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