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Ever New - (7:08) 62 BPM
Winter Astral - (6:25) 63 BPM
Let Us Dance - (7:24) 60 BPM
Slow Dance - (6:39) 71 BPM
Old Melody - (4:32) 64 BPM
Sunset Village - (7:21) 75 BPM
27 Mar 20
from $1.49
Ever New - (7:08) 123 BPM
Winter Astral - (6:25) 126 BPM
Let Us Dance - (7:24) 120 BPM
Slow Dance - (6:39) 71 BPM
Old Melody - (4:32) 129 BPM
Sunset Village - (7:21) 75 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Third time around for Beverly Glenn-Copeland's superb 1986 LP Keyboard Fantasies, which Invisible City Editions reissued last year. Since copies of that pressing are hard to come back, the digital version should be welcomed. Musically, it's something of a killer curio: a set that sees Copeland adding weary, folksy vocals to melodious, synthesizer-based backing tracks. Stylistically it's a little more diverse than that, sitting somewhere between art-rock, lo-fi synth-soul, '80s synth-wave and new age ambience. The looseness of the instrumentation and production is particularly alluring, as is the "home-made" feel of Glenn-Copeland's heart-aching songs.
01 SC
04 Jul 17
from $1.49


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