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Wickedest Sound 2014 (feat Tenor Fly - jungle remix) - (6:12) 50 BPM
Junglist (feat Peter Bouncer) - (6:08) 168 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Emperor Selassie I (feat Black Star & Bounty Hunter) - (5:16) 166 BPM
Get Wild (feat Sweetie Irie - dub plate mix) - (5:33) 162 BPM
Code Red (feat Conquering Lion/Super Cat/Reggie Stepper - 94 mix) - (3:38) 55 BPM
Alaska Ride (feat Tenor Fly - 95 dub plate) - (5:20) 166 BPM
Bingy Man (feat Black Star & Ronnie Thwaites - dub plate mix) - (5:15) 162 BPM
Kunta Kinte (feat Tribe Of Issachar & Jah Cure - 94 dub plate) - (4:02) 165 BPM
Jah Is My Guide (feat Tribe Of Issachar & Jah Cure - 95 dub plate) - (5:38) 166 BPM
Jah Set It (feat X Project - dub plate) - (5:40) 163 BPM
Stamina (feat Conquering Lion & Buju Banton - 94 dub plate) - (4:29) 165 BPM
Review: Eleven slabs of pure, authentic roots, Rebel MC's foundational agenda-setters (penned under various names such as Blackstar, Rebel MC and Congo Natty) have been tethered and tied up to form this on-point history lesson in breakbeat and jungle culture. From the 'heads down' drum magic of the previously rare dubplate version of "Alaska Ride" to the instantly distinctive hook of The Revolutionaries-sampling "Kunta Kinte" via the Buju Banton-fronted siren session "Stamina", this album is a reminder of just how much Michael West contributed to jungle's development. Forefather fire!
01 Sep 14
Drum And Bass
from $1.49


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