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Isolation EP
EBK - "The Flock" - (5:21)
Codex - "Top Secret" - (6:40) 174 BPM
Concealed Identity - "Trouble" - (5:45)
DBR UK - "Bushy" - (5:24) Hot
Review: Tribe 12 is a label run by St Albans' producer & DJ J. Robinson. Here we get a diverse label compilation featuring some of the most forward-thinking drum and bass music out there right this minute. Things kick off with EBK's cinematic "The Flock" which is slow and twitchy with elastic bass; next up is "Top Secret" by Codex, which is pure jungle beats and dark alley noises. Concealed Identity's "Trouble" sticks to the sinister theme, but incorporates dub reggae into the mix. Finally DBR UK wrap things up nicely with "Bushy", a slow, tropical groover features bongo drums and faint birdsong.
 from $1.89
T12 EP005
03 Sep 12
Drum & Bass / Jungle
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