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Pick Up - (6:38) 125 BPM
Pick Up (12" extended Disco version) - (10:01) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Love Truck - (9:50) 118 BPM
Review: When it comes to crafting lengthy, disco fired dancefloor treats, DJ Koze has previous form. His "Extended Disco Version" of Lapsley's "Operator" quickly became a White Isle anthem in the summer of 2016, and we fully expect "Pick Up" to be one of the disco-house hits of 2018. Based around spine-tingling samples from a heart-felt, orchestrated 1970s disco treat - think Tom Trago's "Use Me Again", and you're close - the veteran producer slowly builds the pressure before really letting loose in the closing stages. Then "The Love Truck" is an altogether deeper, dubbier and dreamier affair, seemingly designed for leisurely warm-up sets and gentle, early morning shuffling.
12 Apr 18
from $1.49
Pick Up (short version) - (3:48) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
425151 3976559
24 Jul 18
Deep House
from $1.49
Club Der Ewigkeiten - (4:09) 117 BPM
Bonfire - (5:25) 121 BPM
Moving In A Liquid (feat Eddie Fummler) - (4:40) 118 BPM
Colors Of Autumn (feat Speech Of The Group Arrested Development Speech) - (4:24) 102 BPM
Music On My Teeth (feat) - (4:16) 100 BPM
This Is My Rock (feat Sophia Kennedy) - (3:59) 121 BPM
Illumination (feat Roisi­n Murphy) - (4:31) 120 BPM
Pick Up - (6:38) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Planet Hase (feat Mano Le Tough) - (5:11) 118 BPM
Scratch That (feat Roisi­n Murphy) - (4:36) 101 BPM
Muddy Funster (feat Kurt Wagner) - (5:24) 120 BPM
Baby (How Much I LFO You) - (4:31) 87 BPM
Jesus - (5:13) 113 BPM
Lord Knows - (4:07) 96 BPM
Seeing Aliens - (4:52) 119 BPM
Drone Me Up, Flashy (feat Sophia Kennedy) - (6:34) 117 BPM
Review: Following up 2013's well received Amygdala LP, DJ Koze returns with his fifth studio album for his esteemed Pampa imprint. The Flensburg native (by way of Hamburg and Berlin) teams up with a varied cast to support him on this eclectic yet captivating collection of tracks. From lead single "Illumination" featuring Irish chanteuse Roisin Murphy of Moloko, the typically woozy and esoteric take on deep house as heard on the Bon Iver sampling "Bonfire" or the evocative ambient pop of "Muddy Funster" (featuring Kurt Wagner of alt-country outfit Lambchop) and even a bit of urban flavour as heard on "Colors Of Autumn" featuring Speech of American R&B group Arrested Development. The German producer turns in a strong effort that blurs the boundaries between pop and underground music styles - with a distinct flair and sense of ease.
04 May 18
Deep House
from $1.49


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