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Spiritual Encounter - (5:52) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bombay Mix - (5:07) 120 BPM
Hard Copy - (4:49) 122 BPM
Dark Rider - (3:46) 130 BPM
Daylight Saving - (3:42) 128 BPM
Woolly Hat - (6:58) 138 BPM
Parallel Universes - (4:26) 135 BPM
Computational Paradigm Shift - (4:11) 133 BPM
Black Poppy - (4:32) 122 BPM
Review: At times, it really does feel as if DMX Krew must make tune sin his sleep; wherever we look, we find a new EP or album form the man, and all of the highest calibre, too! This time, the long-haired UK techno soldier lands on the ever-excellent Hypercolour with a hefty nine-tracker made up of eerie, slithering techno and cinematic electro. The opener "Spiritual Encounter" is almost enough in term of quality - check those Drexciyan waves - and the res of this beauty develops in similar fashion, from the gorgeous strings od "Bombay Mix", to the grizzly synth-led beats of "Daylight Saving", and the heavy, Detroit style of "Computational Paradigm Shift". Class, through and through.
26 Feb 16
from $1.49
Garnier - "Enchante" - (10:07) 122 BPM
Luke Vibert - "Jack U Whole" (Space Dimension Controller remix) - (7:04) 116 BPM
Dense & Pika - "Sycophant" - (6:43) 124 BPM
Kerrier District - "Techno Disco" (KiNK remix) - (8:13) 125 BPM
Roman Flogel - "Teenage Engineering" - (7:22) 120 BPM
Seth Troxler/Phil Moffa - "Blue Rawls" - (7:58) 125 BPM
DMX Krew - "Spiritual Encounter" - (5:52) 126 BPM
Tom Demac - "Sink Or Swim" - (6:42) 125 BPM
Mathew Jonson & Sebastian Mullaert - "Pollen 4 Life" (Main mix) - (11:52) 124 BPM
Matthew Herbert - "Brand New Love" (feat Zilla - Special Request remix) - (7:10) 135 BPM
The Cyclist - "Pressing Matters" (Robag's Pinvoldex Sull NB) - (7:49) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Outboxx/Naomi Jeremy - "Rumours" (remix) - (6:25) 120 BPM
A Sagittairun - "Vanishing Point" (original mix) - (5:49) 127 BPM
J Wiltshire - "False Awakening" (Tuff City Kids remix) - (6:45) 128 BPM
Gary Gritness - "Preachina Some Tight Game" (original mix) - (6:35) 120 BPM
Review: UK label Hypercolour has proven to be one of the most dependable outlets of house and techno for over a decade now. Matter of fact, they're so consistent that they can take take any particular segment within the label's history - in this case between 2015 & 2017 - and comfortably show off an extended collection of highlights from their discography. It was a great couple of years of music with Jamie Russell, Alex Jones & Ste Roberts proving their stable of artists were active throughout all of it. Highlights coming from: Space Dimension Controller with his remix of legend Luke Vibert's "Jack U Whole", Vibert again under his Kerrier District alias getting reworked by Bulgarian hardware maverick KiNK on the euphoric "Techno Disco", UK retrovert DMX Krew on the groovy electro-funk jam "Spiritual Encounter" and the inimitable Robag Wruhme working his minimalist magic as always on his rework of The Cyclist's "Pressing Matters".
31 May 19
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.49


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