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Dj Harvey/Various
Locussolus - "Next To You" (Marcy Rising edit) - (6:40) 105 BPM
Elkin & Nelson - "Abran Paso - Ahoa" - (4:06) 102 BPM
Eighth Wonder - "I'm Not Scared" (Disco mix) - (7:58) 106 BPM
Idjut Boys - "One For Kenny" - (6:21) 105 BPM
Roberto Rodriguez - "Mustat Varjot" - (8:18) 105 BPM
Rheinzand - "Like Before" - (8:44) 120 BPM
The Project Club - "EL Mar Y La Luna" (Lovefingers remix) - (10:17) 111 BPM
DJ Pippi - "Ibiza World Inspiration" (feat Antonio M Jemenez) - (5:43) 114 BPM
Tony Esposito - "Danza Dell'Acqua" - (5:03) 112 BPM
No ID - "Love Mecanica" - (5:55) 114 BPM
Tore - "She's A Lady" - (4:01) 110 BPM
Gatto Fritto - "Invisible College" - (10:59) 110 BPM
Eric Duncan & Chris Munoz - "Zona De Perigo" - (7:21) 110 BPM
Street Corner Symphony - "Street Corner Symphony" - (14:08) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Rune Lindbaek & Chris Coco - "Weekend Billionaires" - (7:12) 107 BPM
Blue Camera - "Golden War" (extended version) - (6:15) 123 BPM
Review: In 2015 DJ Harvey made his hugely anticipated return to Ibiza and made Pikes the home for his Mercury Rising debut, a concept inspired by the beauty of the real Ibiza, the incredible history of the hotel (aka The Chelsea of Ibiza) and a genuine love for music. This Balearic spirit perfectly and poetically encapsulated by DJ Harvey has seen Mercury Rising widely recognised as the most special night to embrace the island in over a decade. The next step in the story sees him launch Pikes Records - the first record label founded by Pikes owners and Ibiza Rocks co-founders Andy McKay and Dawn Hindle. From his own Locussolus project's slow burner "Next To You" (Marcy Rising edit), to fellow London disco heroes Idjut Boys who serve up "One For Kenny" where they get really deep. There's also party favourite Gatto Fritto with "Invisible College" and Eric 'Dr. Dunks' Duncan, on form as always, with Chris Munoz on the scorcher "Zona De Perigo".
29 Sep 17
from $1.49


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