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Kora (CA) - "Caddo" (original) - (7:27) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Kora (CA) & Nic Falardeau - "Wahiba" (original) - (7:21) 115 BPM
Kora (CA) & Nic Falardeau - "Wahiba" (Powel remix) - (8:03) 115 BPM
Review: Kora (Kindisch/Earthly Delights) is an artist project blending diverse sounds and stimulating textures, a place where organic elements and modern means collide. It is home to a traveller on a lengthy voyage. He serves up a deep and esoteric groove that is just perfect for drifting on a rooftop: yes we are hinting at it being played at an All Day I Dream Party! Montreal's Nic Falardeau hopes to mould music into whatever shape his creativity sets. While sticking to the roots with organic sounds, Nic aims to blend genres with instruments and create a soulful sound that can belong only to him. He collaborates with Kora on the track "Wahiba" where they serve up and deep and lush arrangement that is evocative as it is melancholic and channels that Crosstown Rebels sound perfectly.
SOL 049
24 Apr 17
Deep House
from $1.49


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