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Lotus Flower - (4:58) 174 BPM
Heatwave - (4:18) 174 BPM
Broken Light (feat Thomas Oliver) - (3:47) 174 BPM
Been Dreaming (feat In:most & Lyra) - (5:23) 174 BPM
The Light Without You (feat Salt Ashes) - (4:22) 58 BPM
Microdot - (3:25) 174 BPM
Inemuri - (4:28) 174 BPM
Chant - (4:17) 174 BPM
Hologram (feat In:most) - (4:22) 174 BPM
Safe In Your Arms (feat Degs) - (3:29) 174 BPM
Devotion - (4:26) 174 BPM
Signs (feat Changing Faces) - (4:45) 174 BPM
Hayling (feat Emer Dineen) - (4:41) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Picton Blues - (4:22) 174 BPM
In Your Eyes - (4:41) 174 BPM
C.Lone - (2:17) 154 BPM
Review: The mighty Matt Gresham returns with his seventh solo album and it's every bit as good as you'd expect it to be. Landing a year after his and brother Nu:Tone's second Nu:Logic album, it's another precision balance of shades, styles and moods that celebrates the widest sphere of D&B. From the delicate opener "Lotus Flower", Matt then weaves and guides us through his vibrant psyche - the hazy disco feels of "Heatwave", the crushed velvet sci-fi feels of "Microdot", the astrophonical stepper jam "Chant", the salubrious space funk of the title track "Hologram" and the dreamy twists and turns of "Signs" with Slovakian rising star Changing Faces are just some of the wonderful waymarks on his journey... Dig deep and find more destinations yourself.
30 Mar 18
Drum And Bass
from $1.49


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