Late Reaction - (4:35)
Help Youself - (4:17)
Love Saves The Day (feat Citizen - Lokiboi vs Citizen remix) - (6:48) Biggest-selling track on this release
Keep On Loving Me Dry - (4:14)
Review: A Russian living in London, Lokiboi, has clearly absorbed the cities underground dance history and sound (we'd put money on him being a fan of those 'Back To 95' warehouse parties). Not to put too fine a point on it, this guy really loves 90s garage and house. This is evident here on what is his biggest release to date: the latter prevails in the deep and tribal title track and in the campy New York-iness of "Love Saves The Day". Elsewhere it's all about deep, often melancholic London-centric retro garage. Back to '13!
STS 011
27 May 13
from $1.49
Eliphino - "I Just Can't" (Eliphino VIP edit) - (5:38)
Lucky Paul - "Thought We Were Alone" (Gang Colours remix) - (3:19)
Bwana - "Baby Let Me Finish" (Black Orange Juice remix) - (6:21)
Lokiboi - "Love Saves The Day" (feat Citizen - Lokiboi vs Citizen remix) - (6:48)
Black Orange Juice - "Back Of My Car" (Ossie remix) - (6:11)
EVM128 - "Make Me Feel" (feat BB James - El B nova remix) - (5:03) Biggest-selling track on this release
Lucky Paul - "Thought We Were Alone" (Eliphino remix) - (6:46)
Baby Prince - "Demon Spawn" (feat Lucky Paul - Lonely C & Baby Prince remix) - (5:42)
EVM128 - "Make Me Feel" (feat BB James - Artifact remix) - (6:17)
Lucky Paul - "Elephant Island" (feat Mara TK - Midland remix) - (6:53)
Lucky Paul - "Thought We Were Alone" (Gadi Mizrahi & Eli Gold money vs gold remix) - (6:02)
Baby Prince - "Nobody" (feat Lonely C - Miguel Campbell club mix) - (6:54)
Review: Deep down don't we all wish for an analogue love? Warm, fuzzy, and a little bit unpredictable. Thankfully Berlin's Some Think Sounds are on hand to wrap us in their big arms and administer plenty of the above courtesy of a host of the label's many (remixed) highlights including Gang Colours' abstract glitch-step remix of Lucky Paul, Ossie's clicky rave-funk rework of "Back Of My Car", the tragic new romanticism of "Thought We Were Alone" and the show stopping, next-level, future disco of "Demon Spawn". A truly essential collection.
25 Nov 13
from $1.49


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