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Monotype - (6:24) 170 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
False Positive - (6:01) 58 BPM
Ghost - (6:01) 57 BPM
Rudeboy - (6:38) 58 BPM
Ok With That - (4:29) 174 BPM
Legacy - (7:00) 174 BPM
Seven Year Twitch - (6:02) 170 BPM
Slip Scheme - (4:56) 57 BPM
Lost Eden - (4:27) 58 BPM
Dubplate - (5:14) 57 BPM
The Inspector - (6:02) 170 BPM
Severed - (6:01) 170 BPM
Meltdown - (6:17) 58 BPM
Played by: Mauoq, Bop
Review: dBridge, Skeptical, Loxy, Resound and Kid Drama: The Binary Collective was a stupidly strong supergroup in itself, but Module Eight just takes the piddle in the heavyweight stakes - both sonically and personally. Combining all player's strengths and signatures into one beautifully moody long player each cut teeters over the precipice of both timelessness and futurism. Highlights include the guttural 60-a-day bass croaks of "Ghost", the eerie twisted dancehall bangs of "Rudeboy", the mid 90s echoes and rumbles of "Legacy" and the genius processed vocal rhythm hits on "Lost Eden". These are just a small handful of highlights in an album that commands full attention both on the decks and headphones. Eighters gonna eight.
20 Nov 15
Drum And Bass
from $1.49


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