Theme From Pearls Before Swine (with Joel Haertling) - (4:12)
Hatesville (with Joel Haertling) - (1:59)
Equilibrium (with Douglas P & John Murphy (Scorpion Wind)) - (3:54)
The End Of The World (with David Tibet) - (1:40)
People (with Douglas P) - (6:08)
Assume The Position (with Vadge Moore (Chthonic Force)) - (1:46) Biggest-selling track on this release
Many Hands (with Coil) - (3:11)
Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (with Tiffany Anders) - (4:56)
Why Did The Feminist Cross The Road? (with Shuan Partridge/Produced By Boyd Rice) - (0:37)
A Hymn To Him (with Joel Haertling) - (2:48)
Motherfuckin' Deer Bit Me (with Shaun Partridge) - (3:11)
Love Will Change The World (The Boyd Rice Experience) - (2:18)
Quiet Village Idiot (with Adam Parfrey (The Tards)) - (3:10)
Preserve Thy Loneliness (with Douglas P & John Murphy (Scorpion Wind)) - (4:45)
The Blackness (with Little Fyodor (additional vocals By Winona Righteous)) - (5:01)
The Cross Of Lorraine (with Luftwaffe) - (2:49)
Alone With The Calm (The Boyd Rice Experience) - (1:00)
05 Dec 00
from $1.49


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