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Fade Away (feat Andy Cooper) - (2:55) 60 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Can't Keep Working This Hard - (3:35) 112 BPM
When The Heat Comes Down (feat ASM) - (3:09) 56 BPM
Dance Now - (3:41) 120 BPM
Big Bad Woman - (3:09) 81 BPM
Steal The Show (feat Andy Cooper) - (3:57) 114 BPM
Let's Drive (feat Izo FitzRoy) - (4:33) 57 BPM
Keep It Moving (feat Skunkadelic) - (3:12) 96 BPM
No Look Pass Bop (feat Uncle Frank) - (3:21) 68 BPM
I Don't Know (feat Andy Cooper) - (3:59) 125 BPM
Countdown (feat Dr Syntax) - (3:03) 103 BPM
Run It Back (feat Andy Cooper) - (3:02) 65 BPM
Samba Fox - (2:49) 64 BPM
Review: This is the third album in as many years from the Bristolian hip-hop/funk duo, who are also festival favourites, so there's a good chance you already have a pretty good idea what they sound like. For the uninitiated, then old school block-party hip-hop would be one obvious point of reference, Stereo MCs another - but The Allergies throw far more than just rap into the pot, with soul, funk, jazz, R&B, breakbeat and rock elements weaving in and out of Steal The Show's 13 tracks. Guests on the album include Andy Cooper, Izo FitzRoy, Skunkadelic, ASM, Uncle Frank and Dr Syntax.
JAL 280
19 Oct 18
from $1.50


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