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Every Single Time (feat Dr Syntax) - (3:03) 92 BPM
Shak Out (feat Sparkz) - (3:17) 86 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sit Back (feat Truthos Mufasa+Black Josh) - (3:33) 94 BPM
Escape Music (feat Dr Syntax+Sparkz+Kosyne) - (3:12) 95 BPM
Who Gwan Test (feat Sparkz+Dubbul O) - (4:39) 70 BPM
We Ain't Goin Nowhere (feat Dr Syntax) - (2:30) 98 BPM
Got Me Thinkin' (feat Sparkz) - (3:43) 91 BPM
Air Max (feat Black Josh) - (3:02) 91 BPM
Stay With Me (feat Dr Syntax) - (2:47) 98 BPM
Blaze It Up (feat Sparkz) - (3:09) 92 BPM
Over The Rocks (feat Dr Syntax) - (2:44) 89 BPM
Know My Face (feat Black Josh+Lyricalligraphy) - (2:03) 102 BPM
Kickstart (feat Fox) - (3:49) 82 BPM
It's Gonna Be On (feat Dr Syntax+Sammy B-Side) - (2:57) 91 BPM
The Shaman (feat Dr Syntax) - (3:02) 85 BPM
Children Of The Stars (feat Sparkz+Dubbul O) - (3:20) 88 BPM
Raise Your Hands (feat Dr Syntax+Sparkz) - (3:21) 91 BPM
Built In A Day (feat Fox+Sparkz) - (2:42) 76 BPM
Never Get Enough (feat Dubbul O+Sparkz) - (3:56) 90 BPM
Review: The Mouse Unit are a 9 piece Manchester hip hop outfit comprising a production team, DJs and live band who have supported the likes of The Sugarhill Gang, DJ Vadim, DJ Format and the Nextmen. ''Escape Music'' is their debut album and it's a deft and polished journey of quality UK hip hop immersed in a choice musical bed of carefully thought out selected funk and jazz samples, and offset with live instrumentation. However, it's not a purely hip hop affair, with other influences infiltrating tracks such as ''Kickstart'', where dubstep and ragga-fired vocals raise the tempo. 19 tracks that are up with the very best hip-hop coming out of the UK.
22 Jun 13
Hip Hop/R&B
from $1.50


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