V's Edits Vol 1EXCLUSIVE
Zed Leppelin - "Whole Lotta" (V dub edit) - (6:08) 101 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Fly & Samily Stone - "Thank You" (V's To The Bone edit) - (8:29) 115 BPM
Skinks - "You Got Me, Really!" (V Under My Skin edit) - (4:25) 128 BPM
Hythm Reritage - "SO WAT?" (V DJ Tool edit) - (6:56) 120 BPM
Toe Jex - "Put Your Life Together" (V Quick edit) - (3:49) 128 BPM
Stevie - "Wonder's Highest Grounds" (V Clap & Bass edit) - (5:17) 123 BPM
Aifferson J-Plane - "Some Body 2 Love" (V edit) - (3:58) 130 BPM
Review: Anyone who decides to dedicate a fair chunk of his debut edits release to scalpel cuts of tracks from Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane and Stevie Wonder must have gonads the size of watermelons. Sitting down could be an uncomfortable proposition, then, for the mysterious V, whose seven-track debut EP also includes chunky, floor-friendly re-tweaks of The Kinks and Sly & The Family Stone (as well as a couple of stonking disco bangers). While some would argue that much of the material here didn't need messing with, he's done an excellent job. The Dub of "Whole Lotta Love", for example, is pitched just right, offering much more bang and exactly the right amount of disco dubbiness.
VHR 012
24 Jan 12
from $1.49
Supacat Police (feat MC Kinky) - (5:39) Biggest-selling track on this release
Jazz Talkin - (5:15)
Hypnotic - (4:41) 127 BPM
Review: More party antics from Mooqee as this latest in the Bombstrikes series of funky mash-ups takes in KRS-One jammin' with Bob Marley on "Supacat Police", while acapellas from Tupac's "California Love" and Stetasonic's "Talking All That Jazz" butt heads with each other over a flute-led hip-hop beat on "Jazz Talkin". The "Mustapha Dance" instrumental mix of The Clash's "Rock The Casbah" also gets a good seeing to on closing track "Hypnotic".
19 Mar 11
from $1.49
V's Edits vol 2EXCLUSIVE
Wetty Bright - "Slip & Do It" (V Feels So Good edit) - (5:56) 105 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Marvin - "I Know Your Ego" (V Gentle edit) - (7:00) 120 BPM
Incredible Watson - "Booty Ooty" (V Checked The Sub - Found acid edit) - (7:22) 118 BPM
The Windsiders - "I Like Your Snuff" (V Disco Boogie edit) - (7:30) 120 BPM
The B-Boys - "G-Vibrations" (V dub edit) - (6:51) 95 BPM
SMB - "Fly Like An Eagle" (V Slips Into The Future edit) - (5:19) 102 BPM
Pex Sistols - "Anarchy In The UK" (V Special edit) - (6:24) 131 BPM
The Laughing Spoonful - "Summer In The City" (V Somesynth edit) - (6:08) 110 BPM
Review: The mysterious V has got some balls. You see, it's common practice in re-edit circles to steer clear of certain big tunes and artists. V clearly didn't get the memo, because this second volume of party-hearty, floor-filling reworks contains sneaky dubs of tracks by Steve Miller (a smile-inducing version of "Fly Like An Eagle"), the Sex Pistols (a filter-heavy tweak of "Anarchy In The UK"), The Lovin' Spoonful ("Summer In The City") and The Beach Boys ("Good Vibrations", which gets a weirdly breaksy Balearic rework). Better, though, are the versions of the more disco and funk-inclined material. His Betty Wright rework ("Slip & Do It") is particularly magical.
VHR 015
29 May 12
from $1.49
Hayz - "Ghetto Rat" - (5:07)
Funk Ferret & Some DJ - "Shake Ya Booty" - (3:51)
NineLives The Cat - "Let Me In" - (4:34)
Badboe - "Show Me Ghetto" - (5:48) 120 BPM
DJ Wood - "Zimba In The Deep" - (6:06)
Ursula 1000 - "Sophisticated Boom Boom" - (3:20) 132 BPM
Nick Fonkynson - "D-Funk" - (5:42) 120 BPM
DJ Kid Stretch - "Get Down To The Funky Sound" - (4:37) Biggest-selling track on this release
Morlack - "Come To The Go-Go" - (5:50)
Toastbusters - "That's Funky Fresh" - (4:08)
Review: This is a bit of a treat for funk breaks fans, as leading label Boogie Boutique gathers together a selection of its finest floor-filling bangers. With cheeky mash-ups and bootleg remixes from the likes of Hayz, Ursula 1000 and Nick Fonkyson, there's much to enjoy, not least the sheer silliness of some of the rump-shaking fusions. Check, for example, the anthemic grooves of Nine Lives The Cat's "Let Me In" (a brilliantly executed fusion of "Just Be Good To Me" and "Cross The Tracks") or Badboe's "Show Me Ghetto". None of the cuts will win you brownie points with chin-strokers, but they'll certainly smash up the dance - and that's all that matters.
BBR 004
26 Apr 11
from $1.49
Avenue Rock - (5:27)
Chuck Berry - (5:26) 120 BPM
Make You Happy - (4:01)
Funky White Brother - (6:02) Biggest-selling track on this release
Take A Ride - (4:56)
Top Billin - (6:37)
Woah! - (4:34)
Wow! (previously unreleased) - (3:32)
Get It On The floor - (3:16)
Rock Ya Body - (5:04)
Get Up (Lets Get Down) - (5:14)
Bump - (4:21) 120 BPM
Review: Welcome to the mid-2000s. A few years before Jalapeno took him on and developed him into the nu-funk guru he is today, but after he'd scored international kudos by syncing to an Apple advert "Channel Surfing", Featurecast was one of the biggest bootleg barons on the scene. 21st century big-beat and turbo-hip-hop, Goodgroove released some of the cheekiest sample-heavy tunes of his early career. And here they are in all their remastered glory. Highlights include the Wild Cherry sampling bootie shaker "Funky White Brother" and the Vandross-DMX love-in "Get It On The Floor". If you weren't around the first time, now's your chance to catch up.
GGD 01
14 Mar 13
from $1.49
Zed Leppelin - "Whole Lotta" (V dub edit) - (6:08) 101 BPM
Johnny Crash - "Believer" (V Pick Up edit) - (5:56) 124 BPM
Rose-Rolls - "Like Dancing" (V Triple Bass edit) - (5:28) 113 BPM
DP - "Lose Your Elf" (V Daft & The Dafter edit) - (7:42) 110 BPM
Billy Royal - "Hush" (V edit) - (3:44) 111 BPM
J5 - "Machine" (V Low Bars edit) - (5:02) 114 BPM
All Brown - "Good Or Bad" (V edit) - (5:36) 114 BPM
Wetty Bright - "Slip & Do It" (V Feels So Good edit) - (5:56) 105 BPM
Augustine & Edwardian Hipsters - "Still You" (V Ancora edit) - (4:56) 115 BPM
Fly & Samily Stone - "Thank You" (V To The Bone edit) - (8:29) 115 BPM
The Monk - "Come Together" (V edit) - (4:28) 120 BPM
Will Bothers - "Lonely Town" (V Dark Streets edit) - (6:27) 98 BPM
Maxime Brown - "One Step" (V dub edit) - (6:11) 111 BPM
Carabas - "On The Road" (V edit) - (6:00) 120 BPM
DD - "Wild Boys" (V Re-extended edit) - (7:29) 118 BPM
Skinks - "You Got Me, Really" (V Under extended Peak edit) - (4:39) 128 BPM
Betty's - "Lucinda" (V Where's 1 edit) - (4:44) 110 BPM
Aifferson J-Plane - "Some Body 2 Love" (V edit) - (3:58) 130 BPM
Party Schmitt - "Cause!" (V dub & Bass version) - (5:02) 122 BPM
The Laughing Spoonful - "Summer In The City" (V Somesynth edit) - (6:08) 110 BPM
TMT Orchestra - "Belly Boogie" (V edit) - (7:07) 110 BPM
Natalie's - "(This Will Be) Everlasting" (Summerlove V edit) - (5:32) 124 BPM
Wonder's - "Highest Ground" (V Clap & Bass edit) - (5:17) 123 BPM
Monsieur S & Mademoiselle B - "Bonnie & Clyde" (V Old-Skool edit - bonus track) - (5:31) 108 BPM
TRAX - "Get It On" (V Old-Skool edit - bonus track) - (5:07) 128 BPM
Jimmie's - "Crosstown" (V Old-Skool edit - bonus track) - (2:55) 115 BPM
IBB - "Last Strike" (V Old-Skool edit - bonus track) - (7:28) 106 BPM
Stevie's - "Master Blaster" (V Old-Skool edit - bonus track) - (7:14) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The H Experiment - "Rose Of Duffy" (V Old-Skool edit - bonus track) - (3:31) 128 BPM
Another Dimension - "Sunshine" (V Old-Skool edit - bonus track) - (4:26) 120 BPM
Pancake - "Will Survive" (V Old-Skool edit - bonus track) - (5:13) 96 BPM
Review: What more can we possibly say about nu-disco producer Valique and his two-year bootleg/edit/mash-up blitzkreig that we haven't already said? Listening back over these 31 offerings it becomes apparent that this is simply the soundtrack to one seriously mighty party. There are simply just so many dancing-on-tables moments here (we'll let him away with some of the shockers) including the grooved up DM cover "Personal Jesus" by Johnny Cash, the surreal, intoxicating deep disco take on Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" and the dreamy paradise melodies of "Still You". Here's to the next couple of years!
VHR 25
14 Jan 14
from $1.49
I Feel Acid - (7:06) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Flow - (6:35) 118 BPM
Somebody Else - (8:14) 110 BPM
Flashing Lites - (5:48) 106 BPM
Xpand Your Mind - (6:34) 123 BPM
Do Your Thang - (5:31) 116 BPM
Tropical Jump - (6:10) 112 BPM
Beautiful People - (5:02) 107 BPM
Review: Whoever said that disco was dead was not aware of Dr Packer and his life-restoring scalpel skills. The cover of this eighth installment of edits reveals the good doc and colleagues hard at work resurrecting a giant disco ball and the sonic results can be heard on this mini-album. Highlights include the slinky clap-along, "Somebody Else", the noodle-bass moog boogie of "Xpand Your Mind" and the breaks-laden cocktail grind of "Tropical Jump". Good to hear disco has checked outta hospital and back on the dancefloor in full health.
DD 035
22 Mar 16
from $1.49
Roy Ayers - "Love Will Bring Us Back Together" (DJ Vas rework) - (6:21) 107 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
BB & Q - "Imagination" (DJ Vas rework) - (4:47) 117 BPM
Crown Heights Affair - "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" (DJ Vas rework) - (5:12) 120 BPM
Crown Heights Affair - "Use Your Body & Soul" (DJ Vas rework) - (5:36) 117 BPM
Review: The last missive from DJ Vas HQ was way back in November of last year. Thankfully the summer's sunny allure seems to have got his creative juices flowing and now we have four new offerings for our aural pleasure. Roy Ayers' "Our Love Will Bring Us Back Together" is teased out into sinewy, high-end boogie and BB&Q's "Imagination" home is improved, getting rebuilt into lasered robot funk. Crown Heights Affair also get two hip swaying brassy tracks featured here, rounding off the euphoric party vibes in style.
EDR 022
24 Jul 14
from $1.49
The Emoticons - "The Best Of My Love" (V Loves To Do It edit) - (6:03) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Jagermeister - "Charmed" (V edit) - (5:45) 118 BPM
4 Pops - "Shadow Of Love" (V Hallelujah edit) - (6:25) 120 BPM
Barry - "Never Enough" (V edit) - (6:18) 114 BPM
The Medicine - "Lullaby" (V Low Voice dub edit) - (8:15) 110 BPM
John Tones - "Not Unusual" (V edit) - (4:51) 98 BPM
VHR 28
27 Aug 14
from $1.49
DJ Tzinas & MRBiGK - "Rocksteady Boom" - (3:52) 155 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Dedy Dread & Mr Bird - "LOVE" - (3:24)
Tim McVicar - "California Dreamland" - (3:57)
Mr Fresh - "SOUL" - (3:42) 146 BPM
Review: A nu-funk remix of The Mommas & The Poppas' "California Dreaming". Just writing those words seems preposterous. But trust us, Tim McVicar's take on the 60s hippy classic really works! Squidgy bass and chop-slapping beats a-go-go, by the end of the summer it will be illegal not to play this in BBQ and beach sets. Law will also be upheld on anyone not exploiting the utterly funky charms of the other three cuts. DJ Tiznas & Mr BiGK's take on Kenny Dope and Screechy Dan's "Boomin In Ya Jeep" is like Fatboy Slim circa 98, Dedy Dread & Mr Bird take Missy Elliot into Hammond organ heaven while Mr Fresh's "SOUL" is a trip head nod so heavy it falls over into massive sticky pile of jazz.

13 Apr 12
from $1.49
Badboe - "I Like Funky Music" - (5:01) 120 BPM
Nick Fonkynson - "I Don't Know" - (5:37)
Funk Ferret - "Get Back To Funk" - (5:20)
The Breakbeat Junkie - "Crazy Jerk" - (5:03) 125 BPM
DJ Kid Stretch - "Can You Feel It?" - (5:28) 128 BPM
CMC & Silenta - "It Ain't Easy" - (4:17) 123 BPM
Rory Hoy - "Dig It" - (3:36)
Hayz - "Banana Shake" - (3:32) 124 BPM
Chris Awesome - "Happy Times" - (5:30)
TotalCult - "So Much Trouble" - (5:36) Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Funk and disco breaks get put thoroughly through their paces on this exclusive collection from Boogie Boutique, featuring treats galore for DJs and fans of souped-up funk. Badboe's beefed-up treatment of UBB-staple "I Like Funky Music" by Uncle Louis, or Breakbeat Junkie's Northern Soul-indebted "Crazy Jerk" are just two of the highlights from this collection that also features nuggets from Rory Hoy, Chris Awesome and Hayz amongst others.
BBR 001
07 Dec 10
from $1.49
Little Bit Of Razz - (6:13) 120 BPM
Friday's Enemy - (7:07) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Love Doctor - (7:54) 113 BPM
Nightlife - (6:00) 105 BPM
B There - (5:23) 118 BPM
Kingston Rudeboy - (6:37) 97 BPM
Ecstasy - (6:20) 103 BPM
Shame (VIP mix) - (6:30) 125 BPM
Review: For a seventh time, Perth-based scalpel fiddler Dr Packer opens his surgery doors and invites us inside. As usual, his cheery, floor-friendly reworks strike the right balance between contemporary dancefloor chops (beefed-up bottom end, well-placed filters, and so on), and treating the source material with due reverence. Happily, there's not a duffer in sight, and even his reworks of stone cold classics (see Oliver Cheetham tweak "Friday's Enemy", First Choice revision "Love Doctor" and housed-up Evelyn 'Champagne' King stomper "Shame (VIP)") are different enough to be worthwhile additions to your collection. Highlights are plentiful, but check - in particular - the string-laden disco chug of "Ecstasy" and "Nightlife", a thickset '80s boogie rub full of sparkling synthesizers and heavy bass.
DD 034
23 Nov 15
from $1.49
Booty Snax - (3:21)
Jungle Banger - (4:37)
Yap That Fool - (3:23) Biggest-selling track on this release
Nothing Like A Bonus - (1:25)
Review: Hooking up with Aussie breaks titan Nick Thayer on the latest in this series of cheeky, hip-hop bootleg cuts, A-Skillz keeps things fresh over four new tracks - with the Fun Loving Criminal's getting jazzed up on "Booty Snax" and Kool & The Gang getting a thorough rerub on "Jungle Banger". Elsewhere, M.O.P's still-huge "Ante Up" gets looped, sped-up and generally effed with on "Yap That Fool, while Doug E. Fresh's seminal "The Show" acts as the basis for the sample-fest "Nothing Like A Bonus".
03 Mar 11
from $1.49
Boops Apocalypse - (3:29) 90 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
You Make Me Feel So Good - (3:29) 62 BPM
MFTP 001
12 Jun 08
from $1.49
Mr Mention - "Classic Connexion" - (3:28) 151 BPM
Dedy Dread - "Too Hot On The Floor" - (3:12) 144 BPM
Funk Ferret - "Red Wine Rebelulation" - (5:05) 143 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
One Funky Soul - "So Called Bro's" - (4:47) 120 BPM
Review: An offshoot of UK label Riddim Fruit, Booty Fruit is an imprint dedicated to mash-ups, bootlegs and edits that drops Homemade Bullets as its first release this week. Mr. Mention melts the Stereo MCs' "Connected" with the accapella from "Classic", a prestigious posse cut from a couple of years ago featuring Nas, Kanye, Rakim and KRS-1, while Dedy Dread cooks up a fun mix of chirpy reggae and Wyclef Jean. Funk Ferret chooses to add some big beats to UB40's perennial classic "Red Red Wine", and to round things off, One Funky Soul gives Jeru Tha Damaja a Northern Soul twist on "So Called Bro's".
31 Jul 11
from $1.49
Top Rankin' - (4:59) 102 BPM
Dance With U - (7:33) 119 BPM
Fancy Dancer - (7:37) 114 BPM
Cocaine - (6:42) 102 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Don't Force It - (6:18) 117 BPM
Lonely People - (8:32) 119 BPM
Shine On Me - (7:32) 114 BPM
Cranium - (6:08) 116 BPM
DD 026
27 Oct 14
from $1.89
A Blonde Moment - (6:57) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
One More Time - (5:43) 103 BPM
Just A Little More - (5:39) 85 BPM
Oh What Wow!! - (6:03) 113 BPM
Socket - (8:25) 123 BPM
U Gave Me Love - (6:35) 116 BPM
Give Me Your Love - (6:38) 103 BPM
Jumpin' - (4:39) 93 BPM
Review: Every one's favourite Deborah Harry rap gets a cosmic workshop makeover in Dr Packer's edit of Blondie's seminal "Rapture", the track that opens this sixth Surgery Edits release. Each track of this edition, as is the way with disco edits, hints to the listener where the track originally stem. And for some fun, we suggest you do some digging/guessing to find the origins of productions like "Oh What Wow", the crooning funk of "Just A Little More", and the legendary "One More Time". Light up your next party with the Best Surgery edits release yet.
DD 033
20 May 15
from $1.49
Freeze Frame - (6:16) 100 BPM
I Own The Boogie - (7:02) 102 BPM
Warm Wind Brewing - (7:29) 101 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Here I Come Again - (6:58) 101 BPM
Review: Beards. Where'd they come from, eh? One minute it was all asymmetrical haircuts and 80s electro-pop, then the beards & disco brigade arrived. Well successful re-edit imprint Whiskey Disco proves that beards are still big and happening. YSE has a shady house music history but here displays his love of disco with four quality reworks. "Freeze Frame" is a vocoder-led slow building chant-a-long, "I Own The Boogie" is a deep and intense disco funker with killer basslines (both electronic and live), "Warm Wind Brewing" is a Fantasy Island/Love Boat romantic journey and "Here I Come Again" ends things with some raw disco seduction.
WD 15
28 Jan 13
from $1.49
Badboe - "Playin Yourself" - (5:10) Biggest-selling track on this release
Roast Beatz - "This Is Not A Love Song" - (4:11)
El Bomba & Hidden Riddim - "On A Mission" - (4:02) 149 BPM
Waggles - "Mash Up The Fun" - (4:56) 125 BPM
Review: Serious booty-fusion abounds on this new series from Booty Fruit. Badboe introduces Jeru The Damaja and Ini Kamoze to a disco bassline. Roast Beatz gives Grand Puba a sexy, sun-kissed facelift. El Bomba and Hidden Riddim go back to school on their Akai and get clever with a range of well-known samples and big old juicy bassline. Waggles finishes the set with the cheekiest addition that sees the Beastie Boys on a lounge lizard samba flex. Party insanity.
30 May 13
from $1.49
Give It Up - (9:06) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Disco Squares - (8:52) 116 BPM
Party Time - (5:31) 113 BPM
Your Love Baby - (8:06) 120 BPM
Try My Luv - (7:35) 118 BPM
Footsteps - (5:51) 113 BPM
Move That Bottom - (6:14) 104 BPM
Smoov Groove - (6:45) 115 BPM
Review: The latest volume in the Surgery Edits series is something of an epic affair, with scalpel-wielding hero Dr Packer offering up no less than eight intricate procedures. It's naturally a mixed bag, with the Australian offering gently beefed-up and quantized versions of both well-known cuts (a well-loved Marvin Gaye classic gets the treatment on "Give It Up", while "Disco Squares" is a punchy revision of a Rick James produced Teena Marie favourite) and lesser-known floor-fillers (the bubbly '80s soul flex of "Your Love Baby", the heavyweight P-funk strut of "Move That Bottom"). There's not a duffer in sight, with jazz-funk style closer "Smoov Groove" and righteous disco-funk bumper "Party Time" arguably the pick of an impressive bunch.
DD 037
10 Oct 16
from $1.49
Mambo No 5 - (3:14) 104 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Funny Saga - (4:56) 119 BPM
High Life - (4:55) 120 BPM
Zamboozee - (3:42) 96 BPM
Review: For the uninitiated, The Gaff is a Canada-based DJ, producer and prodigious maker of "party breaks" - shorthand for re-edits and reworks that should appeal for those DJs for whom loose rhythms are of more interest than a straight 4/4 pulse. This first contribution to the digital-only Katakana Edits series is full of funk and soul-laden jams with heavy but snappy drums. There's a global feel, too, with excellent forays into afro-funk ("High Life") and Latin beats ("Mambo Number 5"). While all four tracks are carefully tuned to the needs of dancefloors, the afro-flecked disco-funk grooves of "Funny Saga" stands out.
KE 9007
15 Oct 12
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
from $1.49
Street SoundsEXCLUSIVE
Street Sounds - (9:26) 118 BPM
Special Brew - (4:29) 94 BPM
Hardcore Cramp - (5:00) 116 BPM
Magnificent Buffalo - (6:52) 118 BPM
Boot Goes On - (4:17) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
CM 001
14 Jan 11
from $1.49
Night Strangers - (4:47) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
On Fire - (6:20) 117 BPM
Review: The honour of curating the 44th instalment of Katakana's Edits series has fallen on Disco Funk Spinner, a much respected re-edit guy whose work has appeared on the likes of Midnight Riot, Disco Fruit and Sound Exhibitions. Here though he only manages to provide two jams, but it's quality, not quantity, right? First up we get "Night Strangers" which takes loops from Candi Staton's Bee Gees cover (Nights On Broadway) and adds an accelerated disco house tempo and subtle but funky embellishments. On the digital flip is "On Fire", a clever rework of Peggy Lee's indestructible classic, Fever. Hot stuff!
KE 9044
19 Sep 16
from $1.49
H2H - (4:27)
The Sly Players - "On The Hook" (The Captain remix) - (4:06)
Shake It - (3:57) Biggest-selling track on this release
You're No Groove - (5:25) 140 BPM
Tom Showtime - "Passing Me Jazz" (The Captain remix) - (3:59)
Alright Bossa - (5:10) 143 BPM
Another One Dusty Bossa (Breakbeat mix) - (2:55)
H2H (Bass mix) - (2:55)
Review: Italian funk fiddler The Captain knows his way around a dusty old seven inch, and more importantly, how to one make into contemporary dancefloor dynamite. This long player is a compilation of some of his finest work, featuring eight cuts of serious party breaks. Highlights include the tough rolling swagger of Patti Drew's version of Otis Redding's "Hard To Handle", the breaky, electro-swing of "Shake It", the intense clap-along of "Alright Bossa" and the smile inducing Freddie Mercury goes breaky hip-house joys of "Another One Dusty Bossa".
GGD 05
19 Oct 13
from $1.49
Go Get The Money - (5:22) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Double Journee - (5:34) 124 BPM
Hold On Me - (5:45) 107 BPM
Gigolo - (5:01) 109 BPM
Review: Some re-edit guys go for pop, some do disco and others opt for novelty jams. Not French funkateer DJ Vas, however, nope, no-way, not ever. He deals exclusively in quality, sumptuous disco. Here he delivers four more cuts, you know, the ones that sound like silly o'clock joy at the Paradise Garage - the loose, Fender Rhodes back beat shuffle of "Go Get The Money", the sparkly tingles of spacey funker "Double Journee", the slappy raunch-bass of "Hold On Me" and the New York in the bad old days electro-funk joint "Gigolo". The real deal.
EDR 025
27 May 15
from $1.49
B Visible - "Sun No Shine" - (3:43) 89 BPM
J-Sound Spinforth & The Fritz - "Front Row People" - (3:42) 95 BPM
WBBL - "Run Along" - (4:11) 100 BPM
Joe Revell - "Jungle IQ" - (5:04) 105 BPM
Father Funk - "Hell Yeah" - (3:29) 105 BPM
Kotch - "Funk Out" - (3:55) 110 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Hong Kong Ping Pong - "We No Speak Amerikernow" - (3:39) 110 BPM
Pugzilla & Envious Mind - "Gotta Be Jumping" - (4:35) 115 BPM
Review: This label recently launched by DJ Spinforth (and pals) as a next step extension to his biweekly column for the Ghetto Funk blog called 'The Scour', to highlight and showcase the unsigned talent that he encounters while 'scouring' Soundcloud. The next logical step was to actually release this stuff, so here's the impressive debut compilation snappily called Scoured Cream. Originally intended to showcase just five tunes, its now boasts eight including the stop-start blues-hop of "Sun No Shine", the wobble-soul of "Hell Yeah" and some electro-swing courtesy of Hong Kong Ping Pong.
20 Dec 12
from $1.49
Boogie BodegaEXCLUSIVE
Son Of Zeus (Anthony Mansfield edit) - (6:58) 104 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
How Can You Say Goodbye (Cosmic Boogie edit) - (7:58) 91 BPM
S&M (Sexy Music) (Rayko club mix) - (6:43) 110 BPM
Do I Do (Sleazy McQueen re-edit) - (8:17) 113 BPM
Review: Four excellent new funk/soul/disco bombs from the Whiskey Disco label, with some surprising covers and peerless edits for your aural delectation. Anthony Mansfield sets about deconstructing a fresh cover of "Hercules" by Aaron Neville, while fans of Philly/Al Green-esque slow '70s funk will love Cosmic Boogie's soft-touch edit of "How Can You Say Goodbye". Rayko ups the tempo a little with his mix of the boogie wonder "S&M (Sexy Music), while WD label-head Sleazy McQueen has a lot of fun with Stevie Wonder's "Do I Do", looping up instrumental sections just right for a new perspective on this classic Stevie joint.
WD 5
06 Jun 11
from $1.49
Tonic - "Smack!" - (3:03) Biggest-selling track on this release
Cut La Vis - "Superwishin" - (4:45)
Funkanizer - "Peace Frog" - (3:49)
El Bomba - "Mad Style" - (4:36)
Review: From the home of breaks-laced mash-ups, Booty Fruit drop four new tasty treats for DJs and fans alike. Tonic invoke classic '70s funk band War with their brassy "Smack", while Cut La Vis gets superstitious on the slow and punchy "Superwishin". Elsewhere, Jim Morrison gets chopped and screwed with on Funkanizer's "Peace Frog" while El Bomba's "Mad Style" recalls the best of '90s hip-hop thanks to some tight drum samples and an effortlessly funky bass line.
29 Oct 11
from $1.49
Billy Ozean - "Ready?" (V Hottest Place In Town edit) - (7:12) 120 BPM
The Hipsters - "Love Thing" (V Notch edit) - (7:35) 118 BPM
KC & SUB - "Booty Itching" (V edit) - (6:27) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Princess - "Oh, Lover" (V Papa edit) - (7:45) 120 BPM
Halls & Rooms - "I Can't Go For That" (V No NO NO edit) - (6:55) 112 BPM
The J Brothers - "Stomp" (V All Night edit) - (7:38) 120 BPM
Review: Don't be fooled by the plethora of comedic, pun-tastic artist names scattered throughout the track list for this sixteenth volume of Vehicle's Boogie Box Edits series. Look harder, and you'll note the distinctive scalpel alias of label boss Valique (simply "V") throughout. His edits - informed by his past in funk breaks as well as disco, boogie and shameless party-starting fun - rarely disappoint, and there's much to enjoy here. Highlights include a toughened-up, straightened out version of the Whispers' "It's A Love Thing" (complete with house pianos), a filter-heavy disco-house tweak of the Johnson Brothers' "Stomp", and a deliciously breezy rework of an old Billy Ocean fave that's worth the admission price on its' own.
VHR 33
08 Apr 15
from $1.49
Telephunken - "Shake Your Monkey" - (3:53)
Stickybuds - "Up In The Game" - (4:34)
The Captain - "Got To Change (Your Evil Ways)" - (4:38) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Tom Drummond - "Tasty" - (4:41)
Bobby C Sound Tv - "Shuffle On" - (6:07)
Bryx - "Crunch Time" - (3:27)
The Breakbeat Junkie - "Take A Stance" - (4:25)
Ursula 1000 - "One Note Samba" - (2:52) 146 BPM
10 Nov 11
from $0.87
DJ Maars - "Smokin Funk" - (4:08) 141 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Chudy - "U Know It" - (3:41)
Shaka Loves You - "Party Like We Do" - (3:46)
Mako & Mr Bristow - "Jungle Soul" - (2:25) 172 BPM
Warson - "Feel Good" - (3:31) 127 BPM
Review: Tru Funk have cooked up yet another funk feast, and there's plenty at the table for everyone. Maars kicks off proceedings with a skank-soaked ode to Biggie's "Machine Gun Funk". Chudy, meanwhile, presses the disco button with a series of well-known disco licks and piano hooks. Further on we find Shaka Loves You fusing Stevie Wonder and DJ Kool with infectious results and we get lively to Mako & Mr Bristow's firing Motown jungle flavours. Finally Warson maintains the 170 vibe for the EP climax as "Feel Good" rolls with sizzling soulful charm. Yummy.
TF 37
28 Apr 14
from $1.49
Smoove - "Nowhere To Go" - (4:11) 130 BPM
Shaka Loves You - "Soul On Fire" - (4:23) 113 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Fab Samperi - "Come On Up" - (5:40) 131 BPM
Mako/Mr Bristow - "Olympic Lovin" - (3:04) 133 BPM
F BLock - "Sweet Cherry Lips" - (6:03) 129 BPM
Superfort - "Yo Love" - (4:05) 110 BPM
DJ Ozyboy/Dis Ma'Fucka - "Ready" - (5:50) 133 BPM
DJ Snatch - "Lena In The Water" - (4:21) 132 BPM
Daytoner - "Stevies Stomp" - (3:54) 138 BPM
Review: Crate digging in the Northern Soul scene is the gift that keeps on giving - an endless quest for rarer and rarer gems. Here Beatnik present a new collection that features nine classic Motown and Northern Soul cuts which have been sensitively retouched by some contemporary talent. Highlights include the celebratory, fizzy soul jam "Soul On Fire" by Shaka Loves You (yes, the one sampled by Beyonce), a Junkie XL-style makeover of Martha & The Vandellas on "Nowhere To Go" and Mak & Mr Bristow's muscled up take on The Rascals - "Olympic Lovin".
BCD 008
05 Feb 16
from $1.49
Insane Banger - (1:45)
Its Your Booty - (3:06) Biggest-selling track on this release
Chic Party Banger - (4:20)
Superstar - (1:48)
Review: The first volume of this collaborative bootleg-style set from two peerless breaks titans, A Skillz and Krafty Kuts, sees the pair have fun with "Insane In The Brain" on the title tune whilst also mashing up 50 Cent and Roy Ayres' "Love Will Bring Us Back Together" on "It's Your Booty". DJ Kool and Chic also make happy bedfellows on "Chic Party Banger" (with a little touch of Stardust in there too), with "Superstar" wrapping up this essential, party-starting pack of four.
17 Jan 11
from $1.49
DJ Disse - "Bosarocker" - (6:00) 110 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Timewrap - "Flush" - (5:01) 110 BPM
Lee Zamah - "Frankie Beverly" - (3:39) 110 BPM
Morlack - "Seeds Of Life" - (4:28) 110 BPM
DJ Clairvo - "Shakka Boom" - (4:04) 105 BPM
Lee Zamah - "Miami Freaks" - (5:08) 112 BPM
Timewrap - "Swing5" - (3:54) 94 BPM
DJ Clairvo - "I'll Be A GoodMan" - (4:11) 109 BPM
The Gaff - "Mambo No 5" - (3:14) 52 BPM
Timewrap - "Say Some" - (3:48) 70 BPM
DJ Oli Garch - "Summertime" - (4:27) 57 BPM
FH - "Diablos" - (4:23) 113 BPM
ManJah - "Donna's A Mess" - (3:06) 67 BPM
The Gaff - "High Life" - (4:55) 60 BPM
Timewrap - "Aint Swing It" - (4:33) 100 BPM
Jorge Bits - "Its A Shame" - (3:27) 109 BPM
Manjah - "My Dub Is Empty" - (4:28) 94 BPM
Timewrap - "We Gonna Rule The World" - (10:46) 98 BPM
Morlack - "Tough" - (4:15) 54 BPM
FH - "Down In The Basement" - (3:24) 113 BPM
DJ Clairvo - "Baila Boom" (feat DJ Zsazsa) - (4:05) 99 BPM
Timewrap - "Smoke Miash" - (8:00) 96 BPM
Review: This latest offering from the shady Katakana Edits crew makes their previous offerings seem positively anemic by comparison. Boasting a whopping 22 tracks, it's almost certainly guaranteed to provide decent ammo for every house party imaginable. Highlights include the chugging electro dub sing-along "Shakka Boom" by DJ Clairvo, the p-funk meets disco of vibes of "Miami Freaks" by Lee Zamah and Timewrap's pumped up version of The Velvettes's perennial Motown classic, "He Was Really Sayin' Something".
KE 9016
03 Mar 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
from $1.49
Dicky Trisco - "Bug On A Drug" - (5:40) 105 BPM
Deep&Disco - "Don't Wanna Dance" - (6:39) 112 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Get Down Edits - "Double Lines" - (7:00) 126 BPM
KenWood - "Monster" - (9:30) 120 BPM
Jay Ru - "I Know That U Been" - (7:23) 101 BPM
InnerWestSoul - "Oops" - (7:47) 110 BPM
Fingerman - "Like 2 Baby" (Fingerman's Boogie Beatdown) - (6:59) 112 BPM
Yam Who? - "So Much Fun" - (6:37) 116 BPM
Beaten Space Probe - "Midnight Groove" - (7:18) 118 BPM
Review: Every now and then we get a faint signal from this Beaten Space Probe, lost in the depths of the nebulous disco cosmos. It usually crackles through on our radio about once a year and is unanimously greeted with whoops of delight and much dancing on our analogue space consoles. This missive contains nine galaxian edits, presumably all peak time bangers on the hottest alien dancefloors. Highlights include the elasticated bass frenzy of "Double Lines", the Kool & The Gang redux "Don't Wanna Dance" and Fingerman's electro-boogie blaster, "Like 2 Baby". Far out!
BSP 003
12 Mar 14
from $1.49
Warp9 - "Lucas With The Glitch On" - (4:47) 98 BPM
Buck Rogers - "Time To Rock" - (4:06) 104 BPM
Hong Kong Ping Pong - "Funk You" - (3:59) 108 BPM
J-Sound - "Boss DAT!" - (3:57) 108 BPM
X-Ray Ted - "Jeeves" - (3:44) 110 BPM
Waggles & Bear Twists - "Old Rosie" - (3:55) 110 BPM
Basement Freaks - "Insane Brains" - (4:18) 110 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Superfort - "Gloria" - (3:36) 120 BPM
Review: Spinforth's quest for freshness continues as he follows up the debut December Scour dispatch with another generous selection of chunky-jacksy bass joints. With gnarly fingers probing every party pie, across the collection we're treated to dubstep-meets-classic-Brooklyn ("Time To Rock"), 23rd century electro wobbles ("Boss DAT!") and VERY cheeky Cypress Hill booty business ("Insane Brains"... obviously!) And that's only three examples. Get Scouring.
21 Mar 13
from $1.49
Telephunken - "Vuelve" - (3:18) 126 BPM
Wood N Soo - "Attack Jam" - (4:31) Biggest-selling track on this release
Bobby C Sound TV - "Ghostin The Machine" - (4:41)
Badboe - "Unhooked Jam" - (4:23)
The Breakbeat Junkie - "A Journey Into Funk" - (5:23) 128 BPM
Morlack - "Kickwax" - (4:36)
Rory Hoy - "In The Air" - (3:39)
DJ Rudd - "A Little Pumpaloop" - (4:40)
Review: From funky breaks label Tremendo, this second compilation assembles a crack squad of producers to get loose over these hot new tracks. Alongside new jams from the likes of Telephunken, Rory Hoy and Morlack, Bobby C Sound TV channels the best of Washington's go-go scene on "Ghostin' The Machine", Badboe mixes old school hip-hop with new school funk on "Unhooked Jam" and Breakbeat Junkie goes off on an '80s soul tip on the brass riding "A Journey Into Funk".
13 Feb 12
from $0.87
M James - "Cheap Thrills" - (8:32) 120 BPM
Jamie Trench - "That Groovy Thing" - (6:12) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Roots For Bloom SHAG Edits series returns with volume 3. M.James brings us a track that will catch any music lovers ear. With the crisp percussion, delicate guitar riffs, a bassline that keeps evolving throughout and that vocal, this one ticks all the boxes. On the flip label boss Jamie Trench maintains the general feel for the record. This one focusing on a simpler yet just as effective bassline and obviously being heavily reliant on the sample being in the shag edits series. If you're looking for that record that stands out from the rest, this is the weapon you need.
RFBR 008
09 Jun 14
from $1.49
Betty Beat - (4:22) Biggest-selling track on this release
Regulate - (4:36)
Party Episode - (3:34) 127 BPM
It's Not Cricket - (4:32)
DC 003
22 Sep 11
from $1.49
Wild Mild West - (3:47) 116 BPM
Too Strong - (4:28) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
EveryMoney - (5:51) 108 BPM
Hold Tight - (4:44) 120 BPM
Review: Bristol's X-Ray Ted is about the light and fun party jams, no cool digger's obscurities welcome here. Here he serves four guaranteed floor fillers starting with "Mild Mild West", a loose-limbed disco rendition of the Good The Bad and The Ugly theme, next "Too Good" sees Aretha Franklin get a house-shaped whoosh under her backside, "EveryMoney" meanwhile sees some vintage soul fused with classic Kelis and ODB and finally "Hold Tight" sees the show close with some sizzling neon-flecked arpeggiated disco..
GGD 16
29 Apr 16
from $1.49
BMD - "Your Thing" - (4:05)
Warson & Chudy - "Find The Funk" - (4:04)
Warson & Chudy - "Ghetto Bounce" - (3:15)
Jayl Funk - "Funky Song" - (3:58) Biggest-selling track on this release
DJ Axe - "Funky Ass Beat" - (4:00) 120 BPM
Boogie - "Ray's Paradise" - (5:40) 155 BPM
Review: A very classy set of instant party starters from the Tru Funk stable, with BMD getting wild with the Isley Brothers' classic "It's Your Thing". Warson & Chudy deliver some serious hip-hop wobble on "Find The Funk" and drop the Slim Shady beat over "Ghetto Bounce". The real gem, however, is Jayl Funk's "Funky Song" - riding a classic call/response soul sample over a rock solid nu-funk beat.
TF 02
17 May 11
from $1.49
Harvey K-Tel - "Hotstylin'" - (3:38) 108 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Harvey K-Tel & Snorkie - "Babylon Bop" - (2:28) 94 BPM
MFTP 005
02 Jul 12
from $1.49
Can U Remember - (7:19) 103 BPM
Change Of Heart (Epic Voyage) - (6:36) 107 BPM
Stay With Me - (6:15) 105 BPM
Luv Ya Lady - (5:46) 115 BPM
Music In The Air - (6:14) 111 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Searching - (6:29) 116 BPM
Doin' It (Cos It Feels Good) - (7:58) 108 BPM
You Can't Play Around - (6:27) 111 BPM
Review: Surgery Edits Vol 3 sees Aussie editor Dr Packer apply the knife to a selection of stone cold disco and funk classics. Extending and exciting at every opportunity, there's an emphatic headnod to the '80s throughout as we ignite with crisp revisions of both Jocelyn Brown's "Somebody Else's Guy" and Change's "Change Of Heart". As the doctor digs deeper we're treated to savage synth boogie badness by way of the slap-bass and horn heavy "Luv Ya Lady", a dubby dedication to George Benson's "Give Me The Night" and some cool filtered flurries on Lace's "Can't Play Around". Weighing in at near-album size, edit collections don't come much more extensive than this.
DD 023
21 Jul 14
from $1.49
DJ Laurel - "Galaxy" - (5:06) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Hawwis - "Camina" - (5:34) 115 BPM
Hawwis - "Descarga" - (5:09) 123 BPM
Cuz Electric - "Leroy Loves Ya" - (5:47) 100 BPM
G Niotis & J Pronoitis - "JB World" - (4:07) 90 BPM
Review: 62 collections deep and still blazing up any party in a 1000 mile radius; Katakana deliver yet another fun and funk-fuelled package. All laced with a heavy rhythmic theme, attention to groove detail is paid throughout as we're treated to range of classic and deeply dug edits. "Galaxy" sets the tone with a sleazy strutting war cry before we're hurled into a Latin frenzy on both the sultry "Camina" and the bull-fighting "Descarga". Elsewhere "Leroy Loves Ya" brings the soulful touch and "JB World" closes with a little psychedelic mystique.
KE 9062
27 Apr 18
from $1.49
Special People - (3:45) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
React (feat Figure Of Speech & The KPS Horns) - (3:48) 102 BPM
As We Do Our Thing - (4:04) 130 BPM
Feel Alright (feat Skunkadelic & John Fairhurst) - (3:33) 100 BPM
React (feat Figure Of Speech & The KPS Horns - radio edit) - (3:48) 102 BPM
Feel Alright (feat Skunkadelic & John Fairhurst - radio edit) - (3:32) 100 BPM
Review: For their latest statement of intent, Bristol's nu-funk troubadours The Allergies have found a new home at Goodgroove. They've consummated the relationship in fine style too, going a whopping four times in the process. "Special People" is a roaring breaky funker that could easily be mid-70s O'Jays. Elsewhere we get daisy age hip hop jam "React", vintage Stax-style stomper "As We Do Our Thing" and guitar-led rap "Feel Alright". We're glad they're back!
GGD 07
20 Feb 14
from $1.49
The Ritz - (3:25) Biggest-selling track on this release
Slippery Addict - (3:55)
Fly Robin - (3:42)
Dance Up The Lion - (3:37)
Review: Swimming in support from spinners such as the Dub Pistols, JFB, Pimpsoul and Omegaman, Canadian funk duo TFH have hooked up with fellow breaks-head L&C for this exhilarating four-tracker. "The Ritz" makes brilliant use of '80s synth oddity "Puttin' On The Ritz" by Taco, while "Slippery Addict" busts out some classic '70s funk guitars and filter fun. Best of all though is the tweaked bass of midtempo banger "Fly Robin", which makes canny use of silky soul samples over a thumping bass beat.
RSR 001
13 Mar 12
from $1.49
Strawberry Jam Forever - (3:52)
With You - (3:06)
Eat My Shorts - (2:59) Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: A centrepiece of breaks and hip-hop producer A Skillz' Beatles mini-mix for 1Xtra last year, "Strawberry Jam Forever" is a deftly handled remix, cutting up parts of the original in a Dilla or Bullion-style, and adding drums and intense bass shots along the way. "With You" handles Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" with a great deal of class, concentrating mostly on a tight vocal loop, while "Eat My Shorts" takes Ludacris' verses from "Stand Up" and layers them on top of long-forgotten 90s Britpop tune "Eat My Goal" by Collapsed Lung.
17 Feb 11
from $1.49
Twang Banger - (4:10)
Poppa Soul - (3:59) Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: More mashed up funk, hip-hop and breaks from A Skillz on the 10th in his series of bootleg booty-shakers. "Twang Banger" sees Tony Rotten himself, Blak Twang, getting his acapella of "So Rotten" placed over a beefed-up "Cross The Tracks" by The JB's. "Poppa Soul" on the other had uses a cat-iron classic acapella, Ultramagnetic MC's "Poppa Large", and marries it to a lost hip-hop classic, Pete Rock's "The Creator".

16 Mar 11
from $1.49
Gloria Gaynor - "Casanova Brown" (Breakdown edit) - (9:29) 110 BPM
James Brown - "I'm Satisfied" - (8:09) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
UDET 005
04 Oct 10
from $1.49
Brilhantina - (4:46) 105 BPM
Quem Vai Querer - (5:04) 61 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
O Mestre - (7:08) 60 BPM
Review: Aroop delivers the third instalment of his "Brazil Breakdown" series with three of his floor-fired reworks to date. "Brilhantina" is a percussion-heavy slice of four-to-the-floor soul with synths straight out of the Detroit playbook. "Quem Vai Querer" ups the ante with a juicy bottom end (think mid 00's Yam Who), feel-good chants and a conga roll so hypnotic you'll be shaking your hips for hours. Finally we hit "O Mestre"; rich in warm reverbed synths and coated with a pristine-polished 80s soul vocal, this will work well on both sides of the night. Honey coated warm up or an emotional finale.
GAMM 101
26 Jun 15
from $1.49


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