Lisa Hill - "I Am On The Real Side" (Dr Packer remix) - (6:54) 119 BPM
Sean Mccabe - "Holding On" (Crackazat remix) - (7:03) 119 BPM
Stimulus - "Super Stimulus" (DJ Reverend P edit) - (6:41) 118 BPM
Charanga 76 - "Good Times (Como Vamos A Gozar)" (original mix) - (8:25) 110 BPM
CHAD & GG Gibson - "Feel The Beat (C'est Si Bon)" (original mix) - (7:12) 118 BPM
Review: A UK disco master with almost 30 years experience, when Dave Lee aka Joey Negro presents his selections we all sit up and listen. Here's his take on the year that was and it's brimming with 19 rich and rewarding gems to see us through the holidays. Highlights include the deep gospel shuffle of "Reach Out (Atjaz remix)" by Sean McCabe, the sizzling crackle of camp disco accelerator "Unique (New York Underground mix)" by Danube Dance & Kim Cooper and Pezzner's warm synth funk rework of "Candy Coated Perfection" by Opolopo and Diane Charlemagne.
14 Dec 15
Deep House
Alex Mills - "Into The Blue" (original mix) - (6:48) 118 BPM
Tyrone Brunson - "The Smurf" (original mix) - (6:05) 118 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "Thin Air" (Joey Negro 2017 Re-Tweak) - (7:25) 119 BPM
Review: Half the fun of each new Ibiza season is the accompanying DJ mix albums that ensue. Here it's the turn of Z Records' legend, Joey Negro, who compiles and selects Z Records Presents Ibiza 2017. With Joey Negro you know you will always get an expert blend of house and disco, new and old. Here we see exclusives rub shoulders with first time digital virgins. Highlights include Dr Packer's thumping edit of "Change Position (88)" by Brooklyn Express, the hazy bass twangs of "Phantom" by A Band Called Flash and the warm electro of "It's More Fun To Compute" by Negro himself.
28 Jul 17
Nero - "Must Be The Feeling" (Delta Heavy remix) - (6:00) 110 BPM
Knife Party - "Centipede" - (4:06) 140 BPM
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - "Through The Night" (feat Tom Cane - Bare Noize remix) - (4:50) 140 BPM
Sub Focus - "Out The Blue" (feat Alice Gold - Xilent remix) - (5:02) 140 BPM
Flux Pavilion - "Daydreamer" (feat Example - Dillon Francis remix) - (4:38) 112 BPM
Feed Me - "One Click Headshot" - (4:47) 110 BPM
Ed Sheeran - "Drunk" (Doctor P remix) - (3:45) 140 BPM
Foreign Beggars - "Flying To Mars" (feat Donae'o) - (3:53) 140 BPM
Delilah - "Breathe" (Emalkay remix) - (4:31) 140 BPM
Mark Knight - "Nothing Matters" (feat Skin - Noisia remix) - (6:38) 115 BPM
Millions Like Us - "Equinox" - (4:36) 140 BPM
Document One - "Moving Together" (feat Tigerlight & Maksim MC) - (5:35) 140 BPM
Delta Heavy - "Get By" - (4:40) 140 BPM
Dubba Jonny - "Always" - (6:51) 140 BPM
Technicolour & Komatic - "Stay" (feat Jayma) - (6:23) 116 BPM
Review: Bass is all over the place in the UK at the moment, so much so that this is already the second instalment in this recent compilation series. Boasting some heavy hitters including number one hit "Feel The Love" by Rudimental feat John Newman, we get 40 tracks spanning drum and bass, dupstep and electro house. Highlights include the fluffy pop meets dubstep of Netsky's "Come Alive", the wobble-hop of Foreign Beggars' "Flying To Mars", the future drum and bass of "I Remember" by Culture Shock and the epic synths of Camo & Krooked's "Further Away".
02 Sep 12
Electro House
Boys Get Hurt - "Lost & Found" (feat Tiago - extended mix) - (6:39) 116 BPM
Moscoman - "I Ran" (Simple Symmetry remix) - (6:46) 117 BPM
NTEIBINT & Stella - "A State Nearby" (Adam Port Calypso remix) - (8:08) 118 BPM
MEERA - "Fine Without You" (original mix) - (3:33) 110 BPM
Kerala Dust - "Maria" (original mix) - (5:56) 110 BPM
Kapote - "Tonite" (feat Mona Lazette - Marvin & Guy Obscure mix) - (9:37) 116 BPM
Moullinex - "Say It Slow" (Wild & Free remix) - (5:18) 111 BPM
Noraj Cue - "Story At The Campfire" (Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder remix) - (6:32) 115 BPM
Felipe Gordon - "Run Run Run" (original mix) - (6:38) 116 BPM
Monality - "Up&Down" (original mix) - (6:21) 117 BPM
Leonor - "Kuum" (original mix) - (4:56) 115 BPM
Remoda & Catchment - "Cured" (original mix) - (7:21) 118 BPM
Review: By now, we should all know what to expect from Toolroom's "Poolside Ibiza" compilation strand, namely groovy nu-disco, house and laidback Balearic beats inspired by afternoons spent lounging by the water in stonking White Isle heat. Naturally, there are plenty of gems to be found amongst the 40 unmixed tunes selected by chosen DJs Moullinex and Xinobi, from their own collaborative post-punk/dub number "X Marks The Spot", to the slick '80s synth-pop dreaminess of Tensnake's fine remix of Xinobi's "Far Away Place" and the drowsy, Morricone-influenced soundscape weirdness of Simple Symmetry's remix of Moscoman's "I Ran". Throw in some seriously good cuts from Felipe Gordon, Donald Dust, Pin Up Club and Meera (whose carnival-ready boogie jam "Fine Without You" stands out), and you have a fine collection of summery cuts.
TOOL 690/01Z
14 Sep 18
Maya Jane Coles - "Something In The Air" (Bonobo remix) - (6:06) 118 BPM
French Horn Rebellion - "Swing Into It" (feat Haerts - Chordashian remix) - (4:50) 117 BPM
Review: Judging by Toolroom's latest mammoth collection, the sound of the White Island in 2014 will be uplifting house music. Granted, there are some diversions on this compilation thanks to Eric Sneo's rattling minimalism and Doorly's jacking "Thunder Clap", but these are few and far between. Even Kelis gets in on the vocal house sound, with Breach chopping up the singer's vocals on his tracky version of "Rumble". Breach faces stiff competition from his peers though, with Tensnake turning London Grammar's "Hey Now" into an epic vocal anthem. However, the stand out contribution comes from a real veteran and MK's piano-led take on Lancelot's "Givin' It Up (feat Antony & Cleopatra)" recalling classic KMS.
TOOL 302/01Z
26 May 14
Minimal/Tech House
Kaiserdisco - "Night & Day" (original mix) - (6:38) 118 BPM
Jay C - "Fab Freddy Said" (Peter Horrevorts remix) - (7:58) 119 BPM
Review: It sounds like Ibiza 2013 will be remembered as the year that the piano returned. At least that's the sense one gets from listening to the latest Toolroom compilation. From C2's edit of new school house act Bicep's "Vision of Love" to the trance meets old school techno of Kaiserdisco's "Night & Day", the plaintive ivory keys loom large. Of course there are exceptions, like Breach's stripped back, abrasive remix of Jamie Jones' "Tonight In Tokyo", but when even the darker tracks, like Ejeca's "Witchdokta" sampling, break beat house monster "Rosario", drops into an evocative piano break down, you know that it's the dominant sound of the season.
TOOL 241/02Z
26 Aug 13
Minimal/Tech House
Opal - "Ain't No Way" (Special club mix) - (8:28) 119 BPM
KSB - "Misaluba" - (6:45) 110 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Taste The Groove" (Hot Toddy mix) - (4:02) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Valery Allington - "Stop" - (4:33) 112 BPM
Ish - "Don't Stop" - (9:22) 116 BPM
King Sporty & The Root Rockers - "Get On Down" - (6:46) 119 BPM
Cleavage - "Barah" (Sampled version) - (5:01) 117 BPM
L'Amour - "Let's Make Love Tonight" (feat Krystal) - (5:37) 119 BPM
J Boogie's Dubtronic Science - "Go To Work" (feat The Pimps Of Joytime - Hot Toddy mix) - (7:32) 119 BPM
Winners - "Get Ready For The Future" - (5:24) 119 BPM
Joey Negro vs Horse Meat Disco - "Candidate For Love" (Horse Meat Disco mix) - (4:02) 118 BPM
Camouflage - "Bee Sting" - (7:33) 119 BPM
Review: London's Horse Meat Disco club really has beaten all comers in the -disco stakes: if a decade of packed parties, international DJ gigs and bringing the disco sleaze to Rinse FM isn't enough, they now deliver their fourth(!) compilation for Strut Records. James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Luke Howard and Severino all share the selection of a 16-strong tracklist, which also appears in mixed form too. Highlights include the quirky Chaka Khan-esque "Ain't No Way" by Opal, the sumptuous luxury vibes of "Stop" by Valerie Allington and the legendary low-slung bass-fest "Barah" by Cleavage. Full marks again, how do they do it?!
09 Jun 14
Wess & The Airdales - "Black Out" - (2:47) 110 BPM
Ester Willams - "It Feels Really Good" - (4:02) 112 BPM
The Brady Bunch - "Drummer Man" - (1:25) 110 BPM
Peggy Lee - "Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay" - (1:55) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
David Axelrod - "Aunt Charlotte" - (4:45) 110 BPM
King Errison - "Listen To The Music" - (4:20) 111 BPM
Honey Cone - "One Monkey Don't Stop The Show" - (4:07) 118 BPM
Larry Williams - "Can't Dance To The Music" (funky break) - (5:41) 115 BPM
Captain Sky - "Dr Rock" (full version) - (6:40) 115 BPM
Charly Antonlini - "Scratches" - (6:32) 117 BPM
Passport - "Ju Ju Man" - (10:06) 115 BPM
Kat Mandu - "Get Cracking" - (7:14) 113 BPM
100 Proof - "Everything Bad Is Good" - (4:51) 110 BPM
Review: Here's the latest in the series of double albums that round up rare original B-Boy breaks, the kind that found greater fame as samples much later. As ever, selections largely hail from the 70s soul and funk worlds and include the lazy boogie stomp of "Checkin Out Your Love", the groovy percussive freak-out of "Drummer Man" and the crazy Moog-fest of "Tryin To Get Over".
19 Aug 13
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Andrea Calella Presents Giardini Miri - "Quanta Genti Porti" (feat Lady Fly - Kari's Midnight Sun remix) - (7:55) 118 BPM
Review: Label Worx sub label present the very best of house music emerging from the fertile Croatian scene - the eighth edition no less. The influence of UK tech house, stateside funky house and the modern sound of progressive house all make their mark on this terrific compilation showcasing the nation's youngblood. Highlights came courtesy of: DJ Kingdom on "Time To Get Down" (Jay Williams remix), Bruno Costa's terrific "Mineral" (original mix), the raw energy of Nytxpress Musiq's "Just Once" (original mix) and James Meid on "Sometime" (original mix).
18 Jan 19
Minimal/Tech House
Tomas Malo - "High Flyer" - (6:18) 110 BPM
P-Sol - "Can't You See" - (6:46) 110 BPM
Dr Packer - "Sing A Happy Song" - (6:53) 113 BPM
Fingerman - "We Gon' Rock" - (7:38) 110 BPM
LTJ - "Fat Thing" - (6:45) 110 BPM
Chewy Rubs - "Bullet Dodger" - (8:00) 110 BPM
Deelicious - "Can't Live Without You" - (5:31) 111 BPM
Kiu D - "Do It Bad" - (5:32) 116 BPM
Weedyman - "And Ode To? (Where Ya Wanna Go)" - (7:18) 118 BPM
Raw-Artes - "C' Mon Back" - (7:11) 118 BPM
Jay Ru - "Disco Music (Right On Time)" - (7:19) 113 BPM
Rafael Fernandez - "Vintage Wine" - (6:50) 118 BPM
Melon Bomb - "Breakin' It Down" - (8:08) 115 BPM
Rayko - "Round One" - (8:04) 115 BPM
Ash Reynolds - "Remind Me" - (6:53) 116 BPM
Appo - "Sunshine" - (6:52) 117 BPM
Goldboy - "Tisno Hermanos" - (7:51) 115 BPM
Various - "Hot Digits: Year Two Retrospective" (continuous mix By Fingerman) - (1:09:32) 115 BPM
Review: Fingerman's Hot Digits imprint has packed in a lot of releases over the past 12 months, as this expansive roundup of the label's second year in business proves. Featuring 27 tracks and a bonus mix by the South Coast dwelling label boss, there's naturally plenty to admire. Highlights include, but are not limited to, the rolling, head-nodding grooves of Eyeco M's "Keeping It To Myself", the killer proto-house throb of "Tonight" by Bad Barbie vs Evil Smarty, the sexy, string-drenched disco loveliness of P-Sol's "Can't You See", LTJ's trumpet-boasting funk bumper "Fat Thing", and the hard-wired, bass-heavy rework of Julia & Company's "Breakin' Down (Sugar Samba)" by Melon Bomb. It is, though, all pretty darn hot.
16 May 16


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