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Straight 9s/UVB 76
Review: Under the Ruffhouse banner, Bristol trio Pessimist, Cooper and Vega have been cultivating their own menacing fusion of techno and drum and bass forms across a series of records for Ingredients, as well as appearances on Modulations, Cylon Recordings, and Alignment Records. The first Ruffhouse record of 2015 sees the crew align with Samurai Horo for Straight 9s, a stunning two track journey into the ghostly depths of machinery. The title track may be the trio's most potent examination of the crawlspace between techno and drum and bass yet, with all manner of hellish sonics wedged deep in the mix. Complementing this, the downright rude "UVB-76" steps to it's own beat too and sounds like Milton Bradley collaborating with Shackleton.
SMG 003
02 Mar 15
Drum And Bass
from $1.48


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