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Absentune - "Sea Fog" (original mix) - (7:42) 100 BPM
Antaares - "Osadi" (original mix) - (7:50) 90 BPM
Tlazohtla - "Lluvia Lunar" (original mix) - (6:01) 91 BPM
Valtierra & Die Jungle - "Mon Frere" (original remix) - (6:19) 98 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Xaman - "Ambar" (original mix) - (5:35) 103 BPM
Review: The term 'Balearic' too often just means "light and fluffy" these days, but here's a five-track various artists EP that really captures the original eclectic, genre-defying Balearic spirit. Absentune's 'Sea Fog' is a midpaced electronic headnodder, Antaares's 'Osadi' takes us into downtempo pastures with birdsong, langorous synths and Spanish-language spoken vocal samples, while Tlazohtla's 'Lluvia Lunar' operates in similar territory but with a dubbier feel. The Valtierra & Die Jungle's slo-mo chugger 'Mon Frere' then urges us back onto the dancefloor with its off-kilter bleeps and ominous, rumbling bass, before Xaman's 'Ambar' plays us out on a dreamy, hypnotic note.
11 Jun 20


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