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Osaka Native - (7:21) 105 BPM
Logos - (6:16) 105 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Follow Me - (4:18) 52 BPM
Lady Plants - (7:41) 55 BPM
Hanasai - (9:01) 90 BPM
Feel It - (4:58) 104 BPM
Koot Works (feat OR) - (8:17) 90 BPM
Oenothera - (8:08) 57 BPM
Sunizm - (9:00) 109 BPM
Played by: OOFT!
Review: Osaka's GROUND is no newcomer to the world of experimental electronics, with the artist's last official EP having come out all the way back in 1995 as a self-releases 7" on the forever-defunct 595-76-8239 Music. Sunizsm is his debut LP, with a few of these tunes already out in the last few months on separate EPs, each one of them backed by a series of killer remixes, of course. The LP as a whole, however, is a startling beauty, dipping and diving from dance music to the abstract, rich in Ground's Japanese aesthetics. "Logos", one of the tracks released already, is a tripping bundle of percussion and Eastern vocal chops and, among our other favourites on here, there's also the off-kilter chimes of "Hanasai", the moody bass tones of "Feel It", and the hypnotic journey that is "Sunizsm" itself. House-not-house for the DJ-not-DJs.
ESP 063
13 Jul 18


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