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Progressive Trance Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
10 progressive trance construction kits, perfectly crafted to help inspire you in your latest progressive production
SDSPT 00010
20 Apr 16
Pure Trance (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Spire Presets)
Sam Laxton's Pure Trance is inspired by trance & progressive artists such as Solarstone, Jamie Baggotts, Daniel Kandi, Peter Steele and Robert Nickson
PM 024
03 Oct 16
Essential Progressive & Psy Elements (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
700 MB of progressive & psy trance sounds including drum workouts, arpeggiating basslines, synth loops and mind-twisting FX
15 May 13
Astral Psytrance (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Sample collection full of hypnotic mantra vocals, ethnic melodies, supra basses, drums, shots, MIDI, FX and more
22 Sep 17
Dab Step (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Dab is the Atlanta term used to describe a dance move (bowing head into elbow) which represents confidence, accomplishment and pride
27 Oct 17
Tropical House Sessions Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Another pack of fresh tropical vibes, groovy basslines, kalimbas, marimbas, guitars, percussion, vocals and unlimited inspiration
28 Apr 17
Arpeggios & Sequences (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
Arps & sequences are the name of the game in this collection of dark & anthemic sounds in wav & rex format
29 Jun 11
Smash Up The Studio Free Demo (Sample Pack)
Free demo sample pack including samples from Smash Up The Studio's House Trance, Midi Piano Loops & RnB Funk Soul packs
06 Aug 12
Altered Minds: Trance MIDI Version (Sample Pack MIDI)
3 MIDI construction kits containing MIDI keyboard and instrument loops
21 Aug 13
Afterglow V2 (Sample Pack REASON)
Second in this series of atmospheric patches for Reason (required) with leads, textures, pads, bleeps, glitches, drums, percussion & fx for trance productions
01 Jan 11
138 Trance Vol 1 (Sample Pack Ableton)
Latest release is a fully finished track, created in the ever popular Ableton Live DAW
SDSPT 00009
12 Apr 16
Ant Alien Psytrance Fullon: Ableton Live Psytrance Project (Sample Pack Ableton)
A Psytrance Ableton Live project with included stems formatted for Ableton Live 8
16 Apr 13
The First Contact (Sample Pack Ableton Live)
A Psytrance Ableton Live project with included stems formatted for Ableton Live 8
25 Jun 12
Space Robots (Sample Pack Ableton Live)
An Ableton Live project for Psytrance producers that focusses on tutoring new producers on how to construct tracks
22 Jun 12
Full Night (Sample Pack Ableton Live)
A full psytrance track as an Ableton Live 8 project file
26 Jun 12
Full Night 2 (Sample Pack Ableton Live)
A Psytrance project for Ableton Live 8 (required) with included stems for editing
05 Jul 12
Jorg3 Total Basslines (Sample Pack WAV)
Dubstep, electro & psytrance baselines feature in this sound set that includes 160 24 bit wav bass loops
16 Jul 12
Psychedelic Morning Loops & Samples
500MB of Psytrance content including synth loops, bass lines, fx & textures in wav format
05 Sep 11
PsyAgressive + Terror V1 (Sample Pack WAV)
Psychedelic Trance sample pack featuring over 1GB of comprehensive content with drum loops, basses, kicks, synths, fx, ambiences & more in wav format
25 May 12
X2 (Sample Pack Ableton Live)
Psytrance samples & loops ready for instant integration into your Ableton Live projects
26 Oct 12
Astral Tech: Ableton Live Spacetrak Project (Sample Pack LIVE)
PsyTrance project file for users of Ableton Live 8 and above
01 Dec 14
PsySeeD: Progressive Dark (Sample Pack WAV)
A selection of never-heard-before synth effects and sounds for progressive and psy trance productions
10 Feb 16
Ant-Alien: 2020XL Psy Trance Loops & Samples (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
The true essence of psytrance from full on, morning, night, to psychedelic and progressive, the sound of the future
21 Aug 17
Ableton Live Project: Ant-Alien Magic Dream (Sample Pack LIVE/MIDI)
A mix of audio and MIDI exploring the inner workings of a psy-progressive production arrangement
24 Jul 17
Toxical Addictive: Psychedelic Samples (Sample Pack WAV)
Psychedelic production including a massive selection of sounds including leads, basses, percussion, FX and much more
11 Oct 13
Ableton Live Psytrance Project - Full Night 3
Third of the series Psytrance Ableton Live project which included stems formatted for Ableton Live 8
11 Sep 13
Ant Alien: Psy Progressive Loops & Samples Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
800 MB of content including incredible effects, surreal ambiences, pads, drums, baselines and more
03 Jul 13
Ableton Live Project: Psycho Killers (Sample Pack Ableton)
Template project containing a mix of audio samples and MIDI, including melodic and percussive phrases
17 Aug 15
Samples #01: Transcend (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Stamina Records proudly presents Samples #01: 485 WAV-quality, expertly-produced audio samples ready to slot right into your productions
SRS 01
09 Nov 16
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