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Hard Hat Traxx EP
OTP 021
14 Apr 14
Hard Hat Area - (5:50) 136 BPM
Pump - (3:36) 133 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Meltdown - (4:58) 135 BPM
Drill - (4:54) 137 BPM
from $1.49
Played by: Trevor Benz
Review: If you're looking for a truly out there techno record, one that makes DJ Rush seem sane, then Hard Hat Traxx is for you. "Hard Hat Area" kicks starts the release with tinny drums, squeaky acid and heavy kicks, but it can't compare to "Pump". Set to a fast tempo, it features frenetic claps, a grungy wall of acid and what could be the sound of a jet breaking the sound barrier in the background. Then there's the aptly named "Meltdown", which sounds like Alex Cortex and Cristian Vogel on steroids, as a hyperactive minimal groove features wave upon wave of deranged analogue tones and frequencies.
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