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Count Your Lucky Stars Remixed
Count Your Lucky Stars (2015 extended mix) - (4:30) 118 BPM
Count Your Lucky Stars (Joeblack 'Boogie' remix) - (6:45) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Count Your Lucky Stars (Tad Wily remix) - (6:50) 118 BPM
Count Your Lucky Stars (Dragon Suplex remix) - (5:39) 118 BPM
Count Your Lucky Stars (The Diogenese Club remix) - (6:09) 115 BPM
Played by: Casio Social Club
Review: Amazingly, it's taken Mullet Records just seven years to notch up a century of releases. Fittingly, they've chosen to mark the occasion by commissioning new remixes of their very first single, label boss Casio Social Club's "Count Your Lucky Stars". The man himself kicks things off, delivering a typically bouncy, synth-heavy '80s boogie interpretation of his '08 original, before Brazilian boogie boy Joeblack weighs in with a sumptuous '80s soul tweak. Elsewhere, Tad Wily fixes Balearic attitude and deep house nous to tactile grooves and melodious synths, Dragon Suplex go all nu-disco, and longtime friend of the family The Diogenese Club drops a typically cheery deep house version.
25 May 15
from $1.89
Casio Social Club - The Remix Collection Part Three
Shena - "Homewrecka" (Casio Social Club 'Back To 85' remix) - (4:32) 115 BPM
Tad Wily - "Go Ahead" (Casio Social Club 'Luvdub' version) - (5:18) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Dabeull - "Breakaway" (Casio Social Club 'Back To 85' remix) - (5:29) 118 BPM
Matt Meler - "Got Me" (feat Natalie Conway - Casio Social Club 'Back To 92' remix) - (6:26) 120 BPM
Timmy Vegas - "Don't Stop" (feat Jennifer Wallace - Casio Social Club 'Don't Stop The B-Boy Boogie' dub mix) - (6:03) 122 BPM
Dragon Suplex - "First Kiss" (Casio Social Club 'Back To 92' remix) - (6:38) 118 BPM
Joeblack - "Voltar" (feat Angel B - Casio Social Club 'Boogie' remix) - (5:26) 120 BPM
Muddyloop - "If This Isn't Love" (Casio Social Club 'Back To 92' remix) - (4:44) 122 BPM
Muddyloop - "Sentimental" (Casio Social Club 'Back To 85' remix) - (5:33) 112 BPM
Joeblack - "Can't Let You Go" (Casio Social Club 'Back To 85' remix) - (5:53) 110 BPM
Played by: Casio Social Club
Review: It's been two years since the last installment of Justin 'Casio Social Club' Winks's Remix Collection series. This third installment focuses largely on reworks from the last couple of years - mostly for material on his own Mullet Records imprint - and sees him joining the dots between vintage electrofunk, nu-disco, synth-pop and organ-laden '90s house. Highlights are plentiful, and include a superb, synth-laden dub of Tad Wily's "Go Ahead" (complete with percussion borrowed from a BB&Q classic), a freestyle revision of Timmy Vegas's "Don't Stop", and a radio-friendly '90s house re-fix of Muddyloop's "If This Isn't Love". Oh, and two stellar versions of cuts from fast-rising Brazilian nu-disco starlet Joeblack.
06 Apr 15
from $1.89
Can't Let You Go
Can't Let You Go (radio edit) - (4:01) 118 BPM
Can't Let You Go (extended mix) - (6:02) 118 BPM
Can't Let You Go (dub mix) - (6:02) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Can't Let You Go (Casio Social Club remix) - (5:53) 110 BPM
Review: Brazilian producer Joeblack has previously proved adept at creating warm, synth-laden, sun-kissed boogie packed with authentic stylistic touches (Shalamar style guitars, D-Train synth flashes, bubbling analogue basslines, and so on). "Can't Let You Go" contains many of these stylistic traits, with the addition of some subtle horns and a terrifically soulful bi-lingual vocal (Portuguese and English). It's terrifically breezy and well produced, and arguably his strongest single to date. Remix-wise, he delivers a chunky, largely instrumental dub with just the right amount of vocal, while label owners Casio Social Club provide a deeper, slower nu-disco take that's suitably reverential to the Brazilian's excellent original.
16 Mar 15
from $1.89
Sentimental (radio edit) - (4:07) 92 BPM
Sentimental (extended mix) - (5:58) 92 BPM
Sentimental (Joeblack remix) - (6:57) 112 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sentimental (Casio Social Club remix) - (5:33) 112 BPM
Sentimental (Fishing Vest remix) - (4:30) 110 BPM
Review: Astonishingly, it's some 13 years since Greek duo Muddyloop made their debut on legendary deep house label Chez. These days, they're more interested in making Balearic disco, revivalist boogie and radio-friendly synth pop. "Sentimental" falls into the latter category, taking the form of a bubbling chunk of synthesizer-heavy, slo-mo pop. It features a superb vocal from Marvin Ambrosious, whose treacle-thick delivery perfectly suits the duo's 1980s-inspired grooves. Three members of the extended Mullet family deliver remixes, with Brazilian producer Joeblack's thickset electrofunk version - laden with vintage synthesizers, as usual - standing out.
16 Feb 15
from $1.89
Mundo Paralelo Vol 2
Intro (O Portal Esta Aberto) - (0:29) 112 BPM
Highway - (3:58) 123 BPM
Dilema - (3:48) 114 BPM
Nao Vou Parar (feat MoMo King aka Tonho Crocco) - (3:56) 108 BPM
Busco A Minha Paz (feat Juliano Barreto) - (4:43) 108 BPM
Can't Let You Go - (4:01) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Played by: Casio Social Club
Review: Hailing from Brazil, Joeblack is on a mission to bring back the good time vibes of 80s electro boogie, and Mullet boss Casio Social Club has now given him the go ahead to continue his campaign with another Mundo Paralelo installment. Although the six tracks here could be accused of pastiche (he even lifts a chorus from Hall & Oates on "Nao Vou Parar"), the excellent production, playing and gifted vocals (made even better by being sung in his native tongue) make these chrome-plated digi-soul jams all his own.
19 Jan 15
from $1.89
Love Repair EP
Something Something - (6:12) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Love Repair - (5:06) 120 BPM
Playing With Me - (5:56) 120 BPM
Proud - (4:52) 120 BPM
Played by: Casio Social Club
Review: Sounding like a killer death move in an '80s 8-bit wrestling game, Dragon Suplex immediately fits right in with the Mullet aesthetic, even before we've heard the music. Speaking of which we get four retro tinged jams, just the way label boss Casio Social Club likes it. Highlights include the smooth but tough electro-house groover, "Something Something", the Shannon-esque "Playing With Me" and the vapour trail synth-washed "Proud".
08 Dec 14
from $1.89
If This Isn't Love
If This Isn't Love (radio edit) - (3:52) 130 BPM
If This Isn't Love (extended mix) - (5:26) 130 BPM
If This Isn't Love (Casio Social Club 'Back to 92' remix) - (4:44) 122 BPM
If This Isn't Love (Dragon Suplex 'Official' remix) - (5:22) 120 BPM
If This Isn't Love (Joeblack 'Boogie' remix) - (6:23) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Played by: Casio Social Club
Review: Casio Social Club's Mullet label has always treaded the fine line between revivalist electrofunk, smooth nu-disco and radio-friendly '80s pop. This latest missive from the Mullet camp - from experienced producers Muddyloop - fits into the latter category. It's the kind of breezy vocal cut you'd expect to hear on Radio 1 sometime around 1989. There are various remixes - a cheeky 1992 radio-friendly pop-house revision from Casio Social Club, a bouncy nu-disco take from Dragon Suplex - with JoeBlack's 'Boogie' rub being the standout. Bristling with vintage synths, crispy guitars and machine drum hits, it's the EP's standout moment by some distance.
24 Nov 14
from $1.89
Voltar (extended vocal mix) - (7:00) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Voltar (extended instrumental mix) - (7:00) 114 BPM
Voltar (Bumper remix) - (6:49) 114 BPM
Voltar (Casio Social club remix) - (5:26) 120 BPM
Review: "Voltar" was a standout track on Mundo Paralelo Vol 1, the debut album by Brazlian producer Joeblack, released back in July. Here as a single, it takes centre stage and rightly so - it's a seductive slice of mid-80s neon tinted soul like Princess meets Haywood. Bumper takes a cue from Zapp's electro-funk for his mix, and label boss Casio Social Club also provides an electro-fying hi-NRG electro disco bomb.
03 Nov 14
from $1.89
Decisions (extended vocal mix) - (6:23) 120 BPM
Decisions (dub mix) - (6:22) 120 BPM
Decisions (Timmy Vegas remix) - (6:06) 120 BPM
Decisions (Joeblack In Control remix) - (6:06) 117 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Mullet Records make absolutely no pretence about their love of late '80s chrome and carpet synth-soul, and why should they? That stuff was immaculately produced digi soul at its finest. Of that era none was arguably finer than the work of Janet Jackson and Jam & Lewis, and here Sterling has sampled Miss Jackson's "Control" to devastating effect. Elsewhere we get some cool remixes by Timmy Vegas (bonkers electro freestyle) and Joeblack (quirky electrofunk), but it's the full vocal mix that's in control here.
22 Sep 14
from $1.89
Do You Right
Do You Right (radio edit) - (4:36) 120 BPM
Do You Right (extended mix) - (5:56) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Do You Right (special dub mix) - (5:56) 120 BPM
Played by: Casio Social Club
08 Sep 14
from $1.89
Back Together EP
Back Together - (4:01) 77 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
If This Isn't Love - (3:52) 130 BPM
Sentimental - (4:07) 92 BPM
In The Morning - (3:43) 129 BPM
Dangerzone - (4:35) 77 BPM
Played by: Casio Social Club
11 Aug 14
from $1.89
Mundo Paralelo Vol 1
Intro - (0:27) 76 BPM
Voltar (feat Angel B) - (3:46) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Cara Legal - (3:58) 105 BPM
Delorean - (4:42) 112 BPM
Agora Vai - (3:51) 113 BPM
Sabado 02 - (5:01) 110 BPM
Played by: Casio Social Club
Review: Brazilian producer Joeblack recently hit the headlines by turning Robin S's '90s classic "Show Me Love" into an '80s boogie smasher. Here he changes tack, releasing a debut EP of original material shot through with authentic '80s soul melodies, jaunty synth basslines, clocking Linn drum percussion and smooth vocals, mostly delivered in his native Portuguese. Mundo Paralelo Vol 1 variously touches on sinewy R&B and tasty electrofunk (see the excellent "Agora Vai"), but for the most part it sits somewhere between revivalist, radio-friendly synth-pop and authentic '80s soul. It might be retro-futurist in outlook, but it's brilliantly played and produced, making it feel like a lost relic of the era of big hair, garish clothes and fluorescent cocktails.
07 Jul 14
from $1.89
Homewrecka (Casio Social Club 'Back to 85' remix) - (4:32) 115 BPM
Played by: Casio Social Club
Review: Shena is a UK disco singer with 20 years of releases under her belt. Here her 2011 tune "Homewrecka" (originally recorded with Stereobrain and Sheriff), gets dusted down and reworked by Mullet main man Casio Social Club. Unsurprisingly he takes the song deep into the mid '80s, delivering some crisp electro-funk production, the kind heard on records by the likes of Haywood. What stands out here thought, aside from the strong emotive vocals, is quality of songwriting, rounded off with a great big chorus that will stick in your brain.
16 Jun 14
from $1.89
First Kiss (Remixed)
First Kiss (Dragon Suplex remix) - (6:13) 120 BPM
First Kiss (Casio Social Club 'Back To 92' remix) - (6:38) 118 BPM
First Kiss (Odahl remix) - (5:11) 118 BPM
First Kiss (Fishing Vest remix) - (5:08) 110 BPM
First Kiss (Joeblack Boogie remix) - (5:45) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Last year's First Kiss EP from Zurich-based Dragon Suplex was one of Mullet's biggest hits to date, so it's little surprise to see the picturesque title track getting the remix treatment. The Swiss duo steps up first, transforming their nu-disco and boogie influenced original into a booming but baggy, garage-influenced synth-house anthem. Label owners Casio Social Club reach for the organs on their vintage '92 US garage-inspired rework, while Odahl's strobe-friendly house refix benefits greatly from tons of cut-up organs, synths and vocals. Fishing Vest go deeper, offering up a mix that sounds like the Pet Shop Boys after a fist full of happy pills, while Joeblack drops the stand-out version: a total boogie overhaul that sounds like it could have been produced in 1983.
19 May 14
from $1.89
Bass Face
Bass Face (extended mix) - (5:40) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bass Face (Justin Winks vs Casio Social Club dub mix) - (7:08) 122 BPM
Review: Justin Winks, aka Casio Social Club, runs his Miami Vice style church of 1980s worship, Mullet Recordings, as a tight ship (a yacht to be precise). Such a tight ship in fact, that lately after ages of putting out other folk's stuff, he's been hogging the release schedule...and why not eh? "Bass Face" is basically Winks riffing on Freeze's classic A.E.I.O.U. adding some more freestyle and early Chicago house vibes for fun. However it's his own dub mix, a stripped down excursion into sleek electro-disco, that wins our vote.
17 Mar 14
from $1.89
Justin Illusion (album edit) - (4:38) 105 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Love Glove (remix) - (5:00) 124 BPM
Try Me - (4:18) 121 BPM
Let's Do It - (4:13) 120 BPM
Little French Girl - (4:24) 119 BPM
Reach Up - (4:55) 125 BPM
Feels Right - (4:01) 123 BPM
Bass Face - (5:08) 122 BPM
Rock The Discotheque (album edit) - (3:49) 122 BPM
Little Luv - (4:03) 115 BPM
Retromental - (4:33) 90 BPM
Heavy Petting - (4:59) 95 BPM
Review: There's never been any real question as to what era Mullet Records boss Casio Social Club is obsessed with, but he's decided to release 'best of' compilation full of '80s goodness just in case. All his classics are here, from the sweet "Little French Girl", to his killer rework of Imagination's "Just An Illusion" and the Lisa Stansfield-sampling "Little Luv". There's also some new tracks too, including the moody title track "Retromental" which somehow manages to sound like Owl City and still be good!
24 Feb 14
from $1.89
Don't Stop
Don't Stop (Vox) - (5:39) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Don't Stop (instrumental) - (5:40) 120 BPM
Review: Covering a stone cold classic is always tough, and Elijah Collins has set himself a tough task in taking on Yardborough & Peoples' 1980 electrofunk smash "Don't Stop The Music". Thankfully, he's done a sterling job, getting just the right balance between paying the original due respect and updating it for contemporary dancefloors. The result is a bouncy, undulating nu-disco jam that sits somewhere between contemporary synth boogie and shimmering deep house. The famous bassline and melodies - replayed, of course, on swanky modern synthesizers - perfectly compliments Aina's soulful vocal. If you'd prefer less of the vocal, there's a tasty instrumental included.
06 Jan 14
from $1.89
Life In 3D
Summer Of 83 (Remastered) - (5:38) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Count Your Lucky Stars (Remastered) - (3:52) 118 BPM
Imagination (remix) - (4:32) 120 BPM
Larry's Theme (remix) - (4:50) 122 BPM
April Showers - (4:19) 122 BPM
The Running Man (Remastered) - (4:12) 120 BPM
Blenheim Is My Garden - (5:24) 116 BPM
Happy Slappy (remix) - (4:15) 122 BPM
Soulboy Acid - (6:02) 115 BPM
Sexual Feeling (album edit) - (4:19) 100 BPM
Life In 3D - (3:38) 82 BPM
Summer Of 83 (Reprise) - (4:42) 78 BPM
Review: DJ/producer Justin Winks, aka the Casio Social Club has been surprisingly quiet of late, with the normally prolific Mullet boss's last release being back in March. Now we know why - he was rustling up these 12 new sizzling tunes that straddle the fine lines between soul, funk, disco, boogie, house and new wave. Highlights of this long player include the '80s E.G. Daily-isms of "Count Your Lucky Stars", the Italo/Eurobeat vibes of "April Showers" and the air-punching genius of his synth-drenched Lionel Richie cover, "The Running Man".
30 Sep 13
from $1.89
If I Had A Chance
If I Had A Chance (extended vocal mix) - (6:02) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
If I Had A Chance (extended instrumental mix) - (6:40) 120 BPM
Review: Mr Collins is a firm staple of the Mullet camp, usually providing killer remixes for the likes of Casio Social Club. His approach is a simple and sharp fusion of mid-80s dance-pop vibes with contemporary electro-house production. "If I Had A Chance" is a sultry slice of electro-funk with a sassy female vocal and wouldn't be out of place on the dancefloor in Scarface, in between maybe a Mary Jane Girls or Shannon track. Say hello to your new little friend.
02 Sep 13
from $1.89
Just For Tonight
Just For Tonight (radio edit) - (3:21) 108 BPM
Just For Tonight (extended vocal mix) - (4:33) 108 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Just For Tonight (extended instrumental mix) - (4:33) 108 BPM
Just For Tonight (BRONX remix) - (5:58) 120 BPM
Just For Tonight (Nine Lives remix) - (6:33) 122 BPM
Review: Frenchman in Philadelphia Thomas Toccafondi pops up on Mullet with a radio-friendly blend of nu-disco, synth-pop and disco reggae. It's a deliciously summery concoction, especially in its Extended Vocal Mix form, which adds some extra cowbells and lovingly crafted drops to accentuate Patrick Baker's woozy vocal. BRONX turn the original into a melodic chunk of bouncy deep house complete with classic piano riffs, while nu-disco fusion pest Nine Lives takes "Just For Tonight" into organ-heavy US garage territory on his breezy rework. For those who dislike Baker's breathy, Marmite vocal, Toccafondi also offers up an Extended Instrumental Mix.
19 Aug 13
from $1.89
First Kiss EP
First Kiss - (5:06) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
I Should Have Told You - (5:29) 118 BPM
One Question - (6:02) 118 BPM
Keep On - (5:22) 120 BPM
Review: Zurich-based combo Dragon Suplex are getting some serious attention online; in fact, their recent sneaky rework of Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson's "Say, Say, Say" has notched up almost 20,000 plays on Soundcloud. Here they pop up on Mullet with an EP of "deep disco" - a kind of chunky, feelgood fusion of rubbery deep house and nu-disco. There's plenty to admire, from the Hot Creations-ish hustle of "Keep On" and yearning positivity of "One Question", to the sampled R&B vocals, electrofunk synths and mid-'80s Fleetwood Mac melodies of "I Should Have Told You". Best of all, though, is the chiming, picturesque "First Kiss", which sounds like a late summer anthem in the making.
05 Aug 13
from $1.89
Casio Social Club The Remix Collection Part Two
Tad Wily - "Go Ahead" (Casio Social club remix) - (5:06) 115 BPM
Bastian's Happy Flight - "You Keep Dancin'" (Casio Social Club Heavy disco edit) - (5:54) 128 BPM
Nine Lives featuring Jaki Graham - "1985" (Casio Social Club 'Back to 85' remix) - (5:01) 110 BPM
Sare Havlicek featuring MC Winksy - "Bipolar Duality" (Casio Social Club 'Back to 85' remix) - (5:14) 110 BPM
Martin Brodin - "Cash Money" (Casio Social club rework) - (6:34) 95 BPM
Tad Wily - "Garage Love" (Casio Social Club 'Time After Time' remix) - (7:27) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Pandolfo & Del Gado - "Better Than Me" (feat Orlando Johnson - Casio Social Club remix) - (6:28) 120 BPM
Phonetica vs Soulemotion - "Impossible Love" (feat Lelde Barbane - Casio Social Club 'Acid Sunrise' remix) - (6:59) 115 BPM
The Manuel Portio - "Shacka Lackin" (feat Jayne-Anne Power - Casio Social Club 'Back To 85' remix) - (7:24) 79 BPM
Spirit Catcher - "Final Call" (feat Mr Renard - Casio Social Club 'Lock-Groove' remix) - (6:30) 119 BPM
Review: It's kinda impossible to mention Mullet Records without mentioning the 1980s, simply because, well, they are obsessed with them! It was a great time for electronic production, so who can blame them? Here label boss Casio Social Club compiles another installment of his remix work and lots of great stuff on offer. Highlights include his icy mix of Nine Lives feat (the) Jaki Graham, his scratchy breakdance mix of Sare Havlicek and the melancholic excursion of his Phonetica/Soulemotion rework.
15 Jul 13
from $1.89
Don't Stop
Don't Stop (disco mix - radio edit) - (4:24) 126 BPM
Don't Stop (disco extended mix) - (6:52) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Don't Stop (boogie mix - radio edit) - (4:31) 122 BPM
Don't Stop (boogie extended mix) - (5:28) 122 BPM
Don't Stop (Casio Social Club Dont Stop The B-Boy Boogie dub mix) - (6:03) 122 BPM
Played by: Casio Social Club
Review: This release is a little different than the Mullet label's usually 80s-tinged fare. This time Timmy Vegas is looking further back in time for inspiration, as far back as the '70s. "Don't Stop" is a storming Paradise Garage anthem that never happened; there's also a vocodered, freestyle 'boogie' version and even Mullet mainman Casio Social Club also joins the party for one last electro-pop jam.
24 Jun 13
from $1.89
Got Me
Got Me (extended vocal mix) - (5:12) 112 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Got Me (extended instrumental mix) - (5:12) 112 BPM
Got Me (Casio Social Club 'Back to 92' remix) - (6:26) 120 BPM
Got Me (Elijah Collins remix) - (6:00) 120 BPM
Got Me (Dublin Aunts remix) - (5:42) 120 BPM
Got Me (Sare Havlicek remix) - (5:51) 112 BPM
Review: Mullet Records continue their quest to impose the sound of the Billboard Dance & RnB Chart circa 1985 on modern dancefloors everywhere, and it's a cause we totally support. Strong, Latino-style female vocal? Check. Timex Social Club-style electro bass? Check. Debarge-style tropical melodies? Check. In short, a winner! Lots of good remixes too, the best being the ever-dependable Elijah Collins who transforms the song from a good retro tune into something more unique and contemporary.
10 Jun 13
from $1.89
Occasional Crossdressers EP
Jean-Pierre - (5:17) 120 BPM
Dancing At The Social Club - (5:27) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
New York City Breakers - (5:28) 120 BPM
Occasional Crossdressers - (7:30) 122 BPM
Review: Mullet boss Casio Social Club claims that Australian producers Funboys' "break the mould". While that would be pushing it, there's certainly something impressively madcap about their anything-goes productions. EP opener "Jean-Pierre", for example, somehow melds together disco guitars, rubbery disco bass, camp synth stabs, even camper vocals and all manner of idiotic noises. That it's actually quite good is testament to the Funboys' clear grasp of dancefloor dynamics. There's plenty of similarly madcap fun to be found elsewhere, from the low-end wobble, loose beats and 'pots and pans' percussion of "New York City Breakers", to the tropical electrofunk nonsense of "Occasional Crossdressers". Inspired lunacy.
27 May 13
from $1.89
Breakaway EP
Breakaway (radio edit) - (4:25) 111 BPM
Breakaway (extended mix) - (4:58) 111 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Breakaway (The Manuel Portio remix) - (6:18) 111 BPM
Breakaway (Casio Social Club 'Back To 85' remix) - (5:29) 118 BPM
Played by: Casio Social Club
Review: The usually productive Mullet imprint has been relatively quiet of late. Here, they turn to old friend Dabeull, a Parisian producer who first released on the label back in 2010. The talkbox-loving studio boffin channels the spirit of Roger Troutman and Bernard Wright on "Breakaway", a kind of super-slick, synth-heavy love letter to '80s soul and loved-up electrofunk. It's actually rather good, capturing the spirit of the period - and the sound, of course - without resorting to pastiche. Manuel Portio apes fellow Aussies Freekwency and Inkswel on his synth bass-propelled rework, while label boss Casio Social Club ups the tempo on his dubby, Shep Pettibone-inspired remix.
29 Apr 13
from $1.89
We Found Love
We Found Love (radio edit) - (4:08) 119 BPM
We Found Love (extended version) - (5:32) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
We Found Love (dub version) - (5:30) 119 BPM
We Found Love (Luke Brancaccio vs Tony Lovatt 'Go Deeper' mix) - (5:14) 119 BPM
Review: Another week, another example of more 80s-tastic joy brought to us by the Mullet crew. In a move away from their more electro-housey releases of late, this time we have a cover of Gamble & Huff's classic "Now That We've Found Love" presented to us by an act that almost sounds like an amazing mythical collaboration between the 90s ravers SL2 and a distant relative of our favourite Bo Selecta crooner (Frankie David). Anyway this cover is a musically dexterous, but still faithful, version. Remix-wise Luke Brancaccio and Tony Lovatt take things into soothing deep house territory.
15 Apr 13
from $1.89
Shake Dat
Shake Dat (feat TK Wonder - radio edit) - (4:29) 122 BPM
Shake Dat (feat TK Wonder - maxi version) - (7:56) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Shake Dat (maxi instrumental version) - (6:51) 122 BPM
Review: A key member of the Mullet contingent, Elijah Collins has quite regularly stolen the show on many a release via his beefy electro-house remixes. Here we get a whole EP of his and he's in a particularly frisky mood! "Shake Dat" is a sleazy hip-houser built around a nasty, stripper-friendly bassline that certainly gets our dollars in it's thong! There's also an extended instrumental version that's a totally awesome jack-fest!
01 Apr 13
from $1.89
Try Me
Try Me (radio edit) - (4:18) 121 BPM
Try Me (original Maxi version) - (6:39) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Try Me (Acid Luvdub version) - (8:53) 122 BPM
Review: Mullet's head honcho Casio Social Club is back with yet another solo release on his own imprint, and why the hell not? "Try Me" is a delicious slice of mid-80s digital soul, like if Paul Hardcastle teamed up with the guy from Shakatak to produce some hot Miami freestyle starlet. The "Acid Luv Dub" version is stretched out more, and is a unique hybrid of sugary and acidic production.
19 Mar 13
from $1.89
Final Call
Final Call - (7:04) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Never Give Up - (6:48) 104 BPM
Final Call (Casio Social Club 'Lock-Groove' remix) - (6:30) 119 BPM
Never Give Up (Tad Wily remix) - (7:46) 110 BPM
Review: Belgian duo Spirit Catcher have been producing uber-slick, disco-tinged electro-house/proto nu-disco for almost ten years. However, their sound can maybe veer towards being a bit too tasteful, a bit dry, so teaming up with pastel clad 80s enthusiasts Mullet has awoken a playful sense of fun in their style. "Final Call" is an electro-boogie anthem featuring the cheeky vocals of Mr Renard and "Never Give Up" sees the pair embark on a delicious analogue synth-funk mission. Label boss Casio Social Club remixes the lead track in a Mylo stylee but it's Tad Wily's deep n spacey odyssey that's really floating our yacht.
05 Mar 13
from $1.89
Little Luv
Little Luv (radio edit) - (4:04) 115 BPM
Little Luv (Freestyle version) - (5:42) 115 BPM
Little Luv (Four To The Floor version) - (5:40) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Once again the Mullet head honcho is back with a heavyweight jam! Unlike recent remix-packed releases, this single concentrates on this one tune, and who can blame him? In Its full 'freestyle' form it's a slickly realised tribute to the type of jams people like Debarge would party to, driving around mid 80s Miami at night in neon underlit cars. The 'four to the floor' version just wins though (despite a Lisa Stansfield sample), evoking Shannon in a downtown sweatbox circa 1983.
19 Feb 13
from $1.89
Shacka Lackin
Shacka Lackin (original maxi version) - (5:19) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Shacka Lackin (original maxi instrumental version) - (5:19) 118 BPM
Shacka Lackin (Casio Social Club 'Back To 85' remix) - (7:24) 79 BPM
Shacka Lackin (Elijah Collins remix) - (6:22) 122 BPM
Review: Yes! The first release of 2013 by 80s junkies Mullet brings a ray of sunshine to the gloomy sleet soaked January doom. "Shacka Lackin" is pure vintage mid-80s electro-boogie, the kind that Shalamar lose their minds to on a dry ice caked and neon-lit art deco dancefloor, circa 85. Label boss Casio Social Club's "Back To 85" mix turns the original into a more Miami Sound Machine/ freestyle banger. Balancing out the retro vibes is Elijah Collins' more contemporary version, a badass slice of driving electro-house.
22 Jan 13
from $1.89
Little French Girl
Casio Social Club - "Little French Girl" (Radio Edit) - (4:25) 119 BPM
Casio Social Club - "Little French Girl" (Original Maxi Version) - (6:54) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Casio Social Club - "Little French Girl" (Original Maxi Instrumental Version) - (6:54) 119 BPM
Casio Social Club - "Little French Girl" (Luvdub Version) - (7:22) 119 BPM
Review: Mullet's label boss Casio Social Club is back and this time it's serious. Well, when we say 'serious', we mean there's less tongue-in-cheek '80s references than usual (not that that's a bad thing). Instead though, "Little French Girl", opts for a more emotional tone, with sumptuous, laid back production and hazy sunshine orchestration. Oh and did we mention the narration by a super-cute little French girl? Well it really works and lends the tune a similar feel to "Manila" by Seelenluft. Luvdup provides a killer Italo-disco remix that goes all out Miami Vice in the end and ensures the 80s aren't forgotten. Awesome!
27 Nov 12
from $1.89
Arcade Decade
Intro - (0:48) 72 BPM
Walk & Talk - (5:11) 108 BPM
Kitt Cruise - (4:48) 101 BPM
Flux Disco - (5:07) 106 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Gertie's Flowers - (3:31) 100 BPM
Pappagallo Pride - (3:12) 110 BPM
Freezes & Toprocks - (3:20) 110 BPM
Detention Happiness - (3:40) 100 BPM
Daytona Interlude - (2:14) 100 BPM
Billboard Groove - (4:19) 100 BPM
Let's Rollerskate - (3:52) 94 BPM
Zuul & Gozer - (4:22) 95 BPM
Speak & Spell - (3:33) 110 BPM
Arcade Decade - (4:16) 90 BPM
Betamaximal - (2:40) 90 BPM
Game Over - (3:35) 96 BPM
Review: Cologne-born, Berlin-based Rene Breitbarth has had a long, if not illustrious, career, releasing house and techno on a variety of impressive German labels. Here, he pops up on Mullet with an entertaining collection of instrumentals, skits and sketches that sits somewhere between the synth-wave antics of Com Truise and the drum machine disco favoured by the Mullet crew. It's peppered with slap bass, edit-heavy electrofunk grooves and clipped guitars, giving it an authetic, early-to-mid '80s vibe. It's hard to fault and thoroughly enjoyable.
13 Nov 12
from $1.89
Better Than Me
Better Than Me (radio edit) - (3:50) 120 BPM
Better Than Me (original Maxi version) - (6:32) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Better Than Me (original Maxi Instrumental version) - (6:32) 120 BPM
Better Than Me (Elijah Collins remix) - (6:44) 120 BPM
Better Than Me (Casio Social Club remix) - (6:28) 120 BPM
Better Than Me (Stephane Deschezeaux remix) - (5:28) 120 BPM
Review: 80s obsessed label Mullet (how can you tell?) are back with another irresistible dancefloor blazer. This time it's Pandolfo and Del Gado's turn to deliver the goods, and that they do in abundance. "Better Than Me" features a bright, bouncy bassline, synths thoroughly indebted to the 80s and impressive soulful vocals in the style of Colonel Abrams, all wrapped up in shiny, modern electro-house production. Stephane Deschezeaux and Casio Social Club both provide nu-disco-ish mixes, but its Elijah Collins' brooding interpretation, complete with menacing wayward bassline, that's the real dancefloor smasher.
23 Oct 12
from $1.89
Garage Love (Remixed)
Garage Love (Spirit Catcher Operator mix) - (6:14) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Garage Love (Casio Social Club 'Time After Time' remix) - (7:27) 118 BPM
Garage Love (Elijah Collins 'Computer Love' remix) - (8:02) 120 BPM
Garage Love (Del Strange 'New York' mix) - (5:22) 120 BPM
Garage Love (Fishing Vest remix) - (4:29) 102 BPM
Review: Unsurprisingly Mullet Records are heavily influenced by dance music of the 1980s. However, despite the jokey logo, they're pretty serious about their synths! Recent tune "Garage Love" is remixed here by a host of electronic heroes and leading the way are Belgian duo Spirit Catcher who deliver a typically silky smooth electro-house workout guaranteed to get folk everywhere into the groove. Label boss Casio Social Club has a go too with his 'Time After Time' mix which nods to the often plundered, but never stale, classic Cyndi Lauper chord progression. Elijah Collins provides a vocoder-heavy electro-funk jam and Fishing Vest presents a cocktail-friendly Italo-pop version.
02 Oct 12
from $1.89
New Slang EP
First Standard - (4:00) 110 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Horse Cycle - (5:08) 115 BPM
FYI - (4:52) 96 BPM
Review: The ever-jovial chaps at Mullet continue to impress with their positive, grin-inducing fusions of nu-disco, electrofunk and synth-pop. Here, they turn to the hitherto little known Fishing Vest for an EP of face-chewing Balearic nu-disco. "First Standard" is a whirlwind of baggy grooves and gurn-tastic pianos, while "Horse Cycle" manages to crowbar a deliciously epic breakdown (complete with Rhodes-tickling and piano keys) into a positively saucer-eyed nu-disco shuffler. The slo-mo chugger "FYI", meanwhile, should raise a few sweaty smiles with its twinkling fusion of P-funk synths and super-Balearic melodies.
18 Sep 12
from $1.89
Discokicks (radio edit) - (4:29) 118 BPM
Discokicks (original Maxi version) - (6:19) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Discokicks (Luvdubstrumental version) - (6:21) 118 BPM
Review: Mullet stalwarts Casio Social Club can usually be relied upon to provide sturdy dancefloor fodder that sits somewhere between radio-friendly electrofunk and breezy nu-disco. "Discokicks" certainly ticks this box, offering a positive, sing-along groover built around a strong, hooky vocal. Musically, it's as bright and summery as you'd expect, utilizing both live disco elements (percussion, guitars, bass) and vintage electrofunk synths. There's a strong instrumental - the Luvdubstramental - that strips the track down to its bare bones, throwing in snippets of vocal for maximum dancefloor pleasure.
28 Aug 12
from $1.89
Crush (radio edit) - (4:29) 126 BPM
Crush (original maxi version) - (6:53) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Crush (original maxi instrumental version) - (6:53) 125 BPM
Crush (Luvdub version) - (6:53) 125 BPM
Review: A disco and nu-boogie production trio, Casio Social Club rework a cast-iron classic on "Crush" - taking The Jets' "Crush On You" and giving it an uptempo '80s electro remake that's full of classic piano house fills and smooth bass hits. As as a more floor-friendly extended version, it's well worth checking out LuvDub's jacking dub version.
07 Aug 12
from $1.89
Justin Illusion
Justin Illusion (original mix) - (5:34) 105 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Justin Illusion (Luvdub version) - (4:25) 105 BPM
24 Jul 12
from $1.89
Cash Money
Cash Money - (6:13) 95 BPM
Extra Cash Money - (6:13) 95 BPM
Cash Money (Casio Social Club rework) - (6:34) 95 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Swedish veteran Martin Brodin has been busy since a "road to Damascus" style conversion to the disco cause a couple of years back, ditching deep house in favour of heavily electronic nu-disco. Here he pops up on electrofunk-obsessed imprint Mullet with a chugging chunk of midtempo robo-disco. With vocoder vocals, Robotnik-esque bass and plenty of vintage synth touches, it pushes all the right buttons. "Extra Cash Money" dubs the original out a little, adding even more Balearic synth touches and some tasty cowbells, while Casio Social Club offer up a suitably chugging rework that sounds like Giorgio Moroder sparring with Jam & Lewis.
03 Jul 12
from $1.89
Love - (5:57) 117 BPM
Love (re-dub) - (5:56) 120 BPM
Love (Elijah Collins remix) - (6:41) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Having forged a reputation for delivering deliciously tactile nu disco inspired by '80s boogie and electrofunk, Mullet go slightly off-piste with this latest digital salvo. Markas' "Love" boasts their usual high quota of reveb and delay-laden synths, but its mood is notably darker and housier than previous label releases. It's more nu-disco than electrofunk, but that's no bad thing. The accompanying Re-Dub is sparser, spacier and arguably better, though it does boast less hip-shaking wiggle than the original. Finally, Elijah Collins remixes, sneaking trance like riffs into the mix without losing the original's cool '80s vibe.
19 Jun 12
from $1.89
Bipolar Duality EP
Bipolar Duality (feat MC Winksy) - (5:22) 110 BPM
Bipolar Duality (feat MC Winksy) (Casio Social Club 'Back To 85' remix) - (5:14) 110 BPM
Dueling Basses - (5:04) 120 BPM
Let The Sound - (5:24) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Given their obsession with early 80s synths and cheery nu-disco, it's no surprise to see that the bods behind Mullet have recruited Sare Havlicek. Or, for that matter, to find that the resultant track is a grin-inducing tribute to early '80s electro and hip-hop dressed up as a delay-laden electrofunk jam. "Bipolar Duality" comes complete with a tongue-in-cheek, old skool style rap vocal from DJ Winksy, and is backed by a remix by Casio Social Club that pilfers the beats from BB&Q's synth-soul classic "Dreamer". Pleasingly, the package also includes two delightfully breezy B-sides. Of these, it's the guitar-laden '86 stomp of "Let The Sound" that impresses most.
05 Jun 12
from $1.89
Call On You
Call On You - (6:06) 122 BPM
When I'm Around You - (7:32) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
24 Apr 12
from $1.89
It's OK (radio edit) - (3:12) 120 BPM
It's OK (full length mix) - (5:00) 120 BPM
My Love's (Not Good Enough) - (3:29) 105 BPM
You Keep Dancin' - (5:52) 128 BPM
In My Mind - (4:28) 119 BPM
It's OK (Dublin Aunts remix) - (4:44) 124 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
It's OK (Dublin Aunts instrumental remix) - (4:44) 124 BPM
You Keep Dancin' (Casio Social club heavy disco edit) - (5:54) 128 BPM
Played by: Casio Social Club
Review: Bastian's Happy Flight are apparently named after a track on the Never Ending Story soundtrack, which should give an indication as to their inspirations. Stylistically, their roomy synth-pop/80s rock grooves sound like the result of many nights spent listening to Tears For Fears, The Cure and Spandau Ballet. The big synths, rubbery bass, echo-laden production, Robert Smith-ish vocals and eyes-closed guitar solos on "It's OK", "In My Mind" and "My Love's (Not Good Enough)" could have been lifted straight from a mid-'80s alternative pop record. Remix-wise, the Dublin Aunts provide the best rework - a cheeky, piano-laden nu-disco/pop take that sounds a little like Friendly Fires. Recommended.
04 Apr 12
from $1.89
All You Need Is Luv
All You Need Is Luv (extended vocal mix) - (6:03) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
All You Need Is Luv (extended instrumental mix) - (6:03) 123 BPM
All You Need Is Luv (Luvdub vocal mix) - (6:03) 124 BPM
All You Need Is Luv (Luvdub instrumental mix) - (6:03) 124 BPM
Played by: Casio Social Club
27 Mar 12
Funky/Club House
from $1.89
Letting Go
Letting Go (radio edit) - (3:26) 123 BPM
Letting Go (extended mix) - (5:29) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Letting Go (extended dub) - (5:29) 123 BPM
Review: For their third EP for regular home Mullet, Dato continue to offer up bright, breezy and Horlicks-comfy synth disco. Sounding not unlike 80s soul after a heavy night, "Letting Go" boasts all their usual aural trademarks - the bouncy synth bass, the warm chords, the simple-but effective vocal hooks, those pin-sharp guitars. It's comfy, hooky, accessible and surprisingly deep. There are radio and extended versions, plus an 'Extended Dub' that's little more than an extra-woozy instrumental. Well worth checking, as always.
05 Mar 12
from $1.89
Right Fit EP
Go Ahead - (5:29) 115 BPM
Garage Love - (6:07) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Go Ahead (Casio Social Club remix) - (5:06) 115 BPM
Go Ahead (Casio Social Club Luvdub version) - (5:18) 115 BPM
Review: Fresh from collaborating with Retrofit boss Jay Shepheard, Tad Wily returns to Mullet with more synth-heavy electrofunk bombs. "Go Ahead" sets the tone, fusing heavy synth basslines and vintage P-funk synths with just the right amount of new wave dubbiness and delightfully sparse production. "Garage Love" continues in a similar vein, throwing more vocals into the pot on a lowdown, late night synth jam. Mullet Regulars Casio Social Club offer up two remixes of "Go Ahead", with the sprightly, bouncy "Luvdub" just edging out their similarly New York-themed "Remix".
13 Feb 12
from $1.89
Don't Wait Up EP
Don't Wait Up - (4:53) 112 BPM
Sea Crest - (6:02) 104 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Jam - (4:42) 100 BPM
Don't Wait Up (Downtown Party Network remix) - (5:54) 120 BPM
Sea Crest (Sportloto remix) - (5:50) 104 BPM
The Jam (Slow Hands remix) - (6:10) 110 BPM
Review: Sticking Brooklyn-based duo Chordashian into a neat pigeonhole isn't particularly easy. "Don't Wait Up", the lead track from this extended EP, is a great example. Utilising traditional instruments, vintage synths and the latest soft synth plug-ins, it sounds like a curious mash-up of Hall & Oates, andBenoit & Sergio with a Buzzin' Fly-ish deep house sheen. "Sea Crest", meanwhile, could be considered to be nu-Balearic - it certainly has that blinking-at-the-sun gorgeousness - while "The Jam" is thrillingly adventurous (if a little odd). With a trio of fine remixes also included, "Don't Wait Up" is easily Mullet's best for some time.
25 Jan 12
from $1.89
Bangkok (radio edit) - (3:26) 123 BPM
Bangkok (extended mix) - (5:45) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bangkok (extended dub) - (5:46) 123 BPM
Bangkok (Casio Social Club remix) - (6:53) 123 BPM
Review: The prodigious Mullet imprint rounds off a bumper 2012 with a festive treat from label regulars Dato. As with much of the original material released by Mullet, "Bangkok" rides a joyous wave of 80s disco synths, melancholic melodies and bubbling bottom end. With the addition of some delightfully Balearic pianos and a cute indie-dance vocal, "Bangkok" could sit comfortably beside songs from Holy Ghost!, Poolside and Mitzy. Remix wise, Casio Social Club cuts up the vocals and emphasizes the squelchy bass, while Dato provide a delicious dub. It's fragrant, spicy and warming, like mulled wine for the ears. Sup up!
13 Dec 11
from $1.89
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