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City Funk
TF 53
30 May 16
Bells - (4:17) 139 BPM
from $1.49
Review: There's been a gaping hole in the world of cheeky mash up scamps since Australian melodic breaks hero DJ Axe entered radio silence a couple of years ago. Now he has chosen to re-establish his party boogie transmissions through the medium of an LP called City Funk. There are 14 new works to ingest; enough to provide sustenance to a millions house parties for years to come. Highlights include the sunny go-go influenced title track, the blissful cascading synth funk of "Bells" and the totally cool vintage breakdance joy of "Push 'Em Up".
Multistyle EP
TF 13
19 Apr 12
Snake Faces - (3:40) 135 BPM
from $1.49
Review: Warson releases two incredible Tupac bootlegs the same week the rapper's been reincarnated into a hologram. Spooky coincidence or savvy business move? You can decide that one. We're too busy fronting and maxing to this entire EP. The Tupac cuts under the knife are "Fuck All Y'all" (horn-heaving party D&B!) and "Baby Don't Cry" (jazzy half-time D&B that builds up into swinging uptempo soul). But that's not all Warson's been up to; elsewhere he finds time to give Jenny Burton's "Bad Habit" (recently celebrated by ATFC) a super fly funk house reversion. Shucks, there's even enough room to make Dutty Bo Dean's misogynist raps sound rather polite and party-starting. Warson's one savvy business cat.
TF 18
17 Sep 12
Snake Faces - (3:40) 135 BPM
Boogie On The Tape (feat DJ Haem) - (3:28) 136 BPM
from $1.49
Review: Ah, this is what we like to see: an album dedicated to Kiefer Sutherland's nail-biting anti-terrorist series 24. Can't quite see how raw-assed party bombs, funk bullets and cheeky bootlegs relate to the ongoing mission of keeping the western world safe? It's simple. Take some time to study the dirrty south chants and upbeat Rhodes flavours of "Boogie On Tape", the razor-sharp riddim of the previously-released D&B-driven Tupac dedication "Snake Faces", or indeed the high-flying disco delight of Jenny Burton booty "Number One".... If these don't reflect the same killer instinct and ruthless efficiency as Jack Bauer, nothing will.
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